Laksa To Swear By

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This week, join our Makan Kaki Frog Michaels, Chang Moh & authour of A Helping Hand, as she shares where she likes to go for Nyonya Laksa. Her husband’s family are Baba, and after years of “training” Frog stands in good stead to distinguish good from bad when it comes to those Peranakan flavours! Now, truth be told, when it comes to Katong Laksa, there are many who profess to be THE original, so we’ll just leapfrog over that argument and go straight to Frog’s favourite place. She believes they are authentic and serve up a good, rich, tasty bowl of spicy, coconutty goodness!

This Katong Laksa is run by the affable George, so Frog usually refers to this as George’s Laksa and it’s been in his family for 2-3 generations. Frog was introduced to this by a family friend who’s been eating there since George’s father has been making it. George now runs the show with his wife, churning out bowl after bowl of Frog’s favourite local dish.

Frog swears by this laksa, which she describes as having “a real richness to it”. The spiciness is just right and in fact she asks for extra sambal for that fiery kick. Check out George’s cauldron of goodness!

Frog doesn’t live near the East at all, but she says it’s worth the trip and each time she goes, she not only dines in, but will take away as well, to make that trip East count! What she appreciates about George’s Laksa is his care in preparation – even the laksa you take away is lovingly placed into separate containers – noodles and ingredients in one, gravy in another – so the dish doesn’t get all claggy or soggy. Frog loves to go early in the morning to beat the crowd and often brings out-of-town visitors there for breakfast, just to test them! She doesn’t tell them what it is, she just tells them to have a go and so far, reactions have been good! One typically kiasu but necessary Singaporean tip, because she’s “kancheong” that he will have run out, Frog always SMSes George before she heads down, to make sure he’s got what she craves!

1 Telok Kurau Road, SINGAPORE 423756 (in the coffeeshop on the corner of Telok Kurau & Changi Roads, opposite the SPC petrol station)
Open: 8am – 3.30pm (closed alternate tuesdays)
Tel: 98559401 / 64404585

Read more about Laksa George on Frog’s blog,!


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