Beautiful Brunches Begin at Fynn’s

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Hello Makan Kakis, as the weekend rolls round, time to start planning a laid back, luscious brunch in a beautiful setting! Here’s a casual modern Australian cafe that serves up excellent weekend brunches and is one of the favourites of our foodie friend, Fatfuku’s Annette Tan. This restaurant at Beach Road is, simply put, beautiful. Located along a nice little posh alley at South Beach, Fynn’s is run by talented local chef An, whose food Annette believes deserves lots of praise.

Annette loves going for brunch at Fynn’s for the crispy corn fritters (see above), served with perfectly poached eggs, bacon, sautéed spinach, grilled tomato and jalapeño jam.

What’s truly  wonderful about the brunch at Fynn’s is that you can have something as hearty as that or as tasty and healthy as their delightful Chia Seed Pudding layered with fresh pineapples, granola and gula melaka, or you can have something as full-on as their caramelised pork belly baguette.

Chef also makes excellent pastas like the signature Cavatelli (a shell-shaped pasta) with broken sausage, red wine-braised octopus, fennel seeds, parmesan in a tomato sauce. In Annette’s opinion, it’s surf and turf at its best! The pasta shells have all these grooves which the savoury sauce clings to and it’s such a robust dish, that the flavours really pack a punch in your mouth!

So if you want a brunch that focuses on fresh produce, robust flavours with a lot of variety, whether it’s something hearty or super healthy, you’ve got to try Fynn’s this weekend!

Fynn’s Casual Modern Australian Restaurant
26 Beach Road, #b1-21
South Beach Avenue, Singapore 189768 (next to JW Marriott hotel)
Opening Hours: 9am – 100pm (Tues – Fri), 11am – 10pm (Sat), 11am – 50pm (Sun), Closed Mondays.
Tel: +65 6384 1878


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