Wonderful Wanton Noodles

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Today, our intrepid Makan Kaki Chef Shen Tan wants to take us for a delicious Wanton Mee lunch at Tekka Market. This food centre is famous for lots of delicious dishes, but it’s puzzling to Chef Shen why not many people know just how good this particular stall’s Wanton Noodles are! This couple there have been serving up Singapore-style Wanton Mee for about 20 years now, and it was Chef Shen’s mother who first brought her there to enjoy Chin Seng Cooked Food’s signature noodle dish.

Now, normally we’re faced with what Chef Shen calls “the wanton mee paradox”, where the char siew is too dry and  too lean, but the wanton is great, or vice versa. Not so at Chin Seng. First and foremost, they smoke and cook char siew from scratch on their own charcoal brazier in the stall. What you get is a perfectly balanced bowl –  in Chef Shen’s opinion, all elements come together to give a beautifully plated noodle dish with juicy char siew & perfect, hand-wrapped  prawn and pork dumplings. Gotta love those handmade wantons!

Also, the mixture the dry noodles are tossed in is just right – a little bit of chilli, soy sauce & sesame oil go a long way. The noodles are cooked al dente, not too gluggy and never mushy, soggy or clumped together.

So do yourself a favour, next time you’re at Tekka, go check out this humble little Wanton Mee stall!

#01-294 Tekka Centre Tekka Market and Food Centre,
665 Buffalo Road, S(210665)
Open Daily: 7am – 3pm

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