We welcome back Chef-Owner of Summer Hill Bistro Anthony Yeoh this week and catch up on the big things have been happening with him, PLUS of course, get him to share some of his new local Makan discoveries!


  • Listen/ download podcast of Chef Tony talking about his new bistro: Part 1 & Part 2
  • Listen/ download podcast of this week’s sizzlingly crisp description of wadeh!


Hands down, this is one of the best Wadeh (or Vadai, as some spell it) that Chef Tony has ever eaten (& Denise has to agree with him!), but to find it, it’s a bit of a treasure hunt because they don’t actually have a shop. They’re a travelling stall that operates solely out of Pasar Malams (night markets) across our island! But you’ll definitely smell and hear it frying before you see it. So Chef Tony was at Clementi running errands near his restaurant when he stumbled across a Pasar Malam. He noticed fresh Wadeh being made and he just had to give it a try.

For the uninitiated, Wadeh is like a deep fried fritter or a savoury donut, and in this case, made simply with flour, not ground legumes. The batter is scooped out by hand, a small fresh prawn pressed in, then dropped into bubbling hot oil for a quick deep fry.

Once the puffs of batter float, they are ready. These golden-brown pillows of savoury, lightly spiced goodness are a really addictive snack!

In the case of Mr Wadeh’s deep-fried snacks, they are a revelation. Not like others that can be bready, chewy or doughy, these are very crispy on first bite, with a light, airy texure on the inside. The whole prawns are also crispy and give the entire snack a lovely, rich flavour of the sea. They are best eaten fresh and hot right out of the fryer, in between bites of raw green chilli – so good and so cheap at just $2 for 3.

Made in small batches and snatched up by waiting customers immediately, these Wadeh are really worth waiting for. We were there just before 5pm, a little after they open their stall and there was already a queue of people 15 deep!

Some to eat then and there, some to take home!

If you must take away, be sure to have lots of absorbent paper on hand to soak up the oil. The Wadeh tend to release a bit more grease after keeping for 30 minutes, but apart from that, they retain their heat and crispiness even after the car ride home.

Check out the fluffy interior, full of air pockets that give the Wadeh its a light, airy texture! And look how crispy and brown those umami little prawn legs get!


Find them at different times, at different Pasar Malams year round.
Regular updates on their Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/mr.wadeh
But currently, you can locate them at the Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar 2018
Stall Number GS 14 (next to Tanjong Katong Complex, just across Geyland Road, from Haig Road Food Centre & One KM shopping mall.)
Open Daily: 4.30 – 10pm


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