Brilliant Brunch & Bakes, New York Style!

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photo via clinton street baking co’s FB.

The weekend is almost here and if you’re looking for a relaxed, family-friendly place for a leisurely breakfast or brunch, you can count on our Makan Kaki, Jeremmy Chiam, Chef-Owner of Le Binchotan for a good recommendation. One of his favourites is a place that has been on the scene for three years now, consistently serving up their famous brunch signatures like chicken and waffles, as well as blueberry pancakes. But when Chef Jeremmy heads over (and he does this very often) to Clinton Street Baking Company & Restaurant, he always orders something a little special to remind him of the days when he traveled often as cabin crew for an airline company. Clinton Street takes him back to his times spent blissfully alone in LA & New York, where he loved going for brunch and taking his own sweet time over his all-American meal. Indeed, the restaurant here on Purvis Street is a branch of the acclaimed original New York brunch eatery, located on the Lower East Side.

photo via clinton street baking co’s FB.

At Clinton Street Singapore, while others are tucking into their chicken and waffles, Chef Jeremmy skips the mains and orders direct from the menu of  side dishes. 3 simple, yet delicious sides – Rosemary and Pork Sausage Patty (a savoury, herby marriage made in heaven), Hashbrowns and 2 Sunnyside-Up eggs.

When he first tried this combination of dishes, they all came served in their separate small plates, till he asked if they could combine the 3 sides on one large plate. Since then, that’s exactly how he has his breakfast at Clinton Street – the servers are always accommodating with his request! Washed down with freshly -squeezed orange juice, this is Chef Jeremmy’s go-to breakfast plate. Hearty, nostalgic and of course, tasty.

photo via clinton street baking co’s FB.

31 Purvis Street S(188608)
Open Daily: 8.30am -6pm
Tel: +65 66844845


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