Kway Chap So Good, You’ll Want Seconds

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Hey there Makan Kakis! We’re back from a month-long break and we’re HUNGRY! This week, we follow foodie friend Chef Jeremmy Chiam on the search for soupy, saucy, piggy delights in a bowl. If you’re a lover of Kway Chap, he recommends this stall in Bishan, where he grew up and where his parents still live, that he’s been patronising for the last 32 years of his life. Setting aside childhood nostalgia and convenience, this stall still delivers on food quality, judging from the long lines and how quickly they sell out. Customers actually start queuing an hour before it opens!

To Chef Jeremmy, one of the most important aspects of a good bowl of Kway Chap is the chilli and this stall’s has just the right level of acidity, it’s garlicky and it’s got a good, spicy kick, all of which really enhance the flavour of the Kway Chap. Make no mistake, this isn’t the typical Teochew-style Kway Chap with duck, but pure pork heaven! No herb-y taste, just 100% pure soya sauce – very savoury, very rich, very irresistible!

Kway Chap perfection, in Chef Jeremmy’s opinion, would include small intestines, pig skin, pork belly, fish cake, salted vegetables and at least two bowls of “Kway” – those soft, silky rice sheets – smothered in the gravy and garnished with fried onions.

So whether you’re in search of a late dinner or if the midnight muchies attack and you’re looking for a satisfyingly soupy supper, head on over to Bishan Street 22, they stay open till late!

Kway Chap @ 284 Shen Cai Fan

(No name, just a sign board under the main economical rice stall sign that says Kway Chap in Chinese)
KPT, Block 284 Bishan Street 22, S(570284)
Open Daily 8.30pm – 4am or until sold out

*** By the way, in celebration of Singapore’s birthday, Chef Jeremmy’s restaurant/ bar, Le Binchotan has some irresistible National Day dishes you might want to try, including a Bubur Chacha cocktail & his take on local classic, Hokkien Mee. Click here for details!


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