Patriotic Peranakan!



Happy National Day, Makan Kakis! In celebration of Singapore’s 53rd birthday, our foodie friend Chef, Author and Entrepreneur Shermay Lee is back with a tempting collaboration with the Conrad Singapore, featuring three of her specially created Peranakan dishes for their Buffet spread at Oscar’s. She is already well-known for her classic Peranakan cooking, based on her Grandmother’s hand-written heirloom recipes, but this time she has teamed up with Chef Alex Siah of Conrad Singapore to update and innovate their families’ culinary heritage. The result is Muar-style Otak-Otak (enriched with a passion fruit mayo and black tobiko) inspired by Chef Alex Siah’s Grandmother’s recipe and these three signature Peranakan dishes by Chef Shermay, prepared ala minute at Oscar’s live cooking stations to ensure freshness and quality:

Shermay’s now award-winning Nyona Curry Powder is at play here in her Kueh Pie Tee, which features a diced Nyonya chicken curry filling, topped with her home-style achar for acidity.These bite-sized beauties are the perfect combination of warm, earthy curry, tangy pickle and crispy pie tee shell. Filled on the spot, the warmth and crispness is retained.

Another familiar favourite is given a little twist, thanks to Chef Alex’s suggestion, which Chef Shermay was happy to run with. So try her Ginger-Garlic Kong Bak Bao – rich, unctuous, umami and melt-in your-mouth slices of pork belly cooked in a combination of Shermay’s Singapore Meat Marinade and Ginger-Garlic Sauce, sandwiched between fluffy steamed buns. A classic lifted with that interesting marinade!

Finally, you must try Chef Shermay’s local take on fast food. Everybody loves a burger and fries with ketchup, but how about a Buah Keluak Burger with Keropok Fries and Cilicuka for a change? Behold The Black Gold, another bite-sized creation that highlights what Shermay calls Asian Black Truffles – the earthy, pungent, bitter black nut so essential in Peranakan cooking. Take Buah Keluak rempah and simmer till thick and rich, then infuse gourmet 5-star hotel quality beef patties. Smear more of the Buah Keluak paste on each patty, top with naturally sweet onion compote, then sandwich in mini charcoal buns and you have unique little sliders young and old will enjoy! For that classic fast food feel, the mini burgers (trust us, this baby is so rich that anything bigger will be too jelak) are served with Keropok cut into fingers to resemble fries and Shermay’s spicy chilli sauce, Cilicuka. Oscar’s describes this as “fusing contemporary concepts with classic Peranakan ingredients and techniques”, we call it delicious!

So this National Day weekend, why not gather your friends and family to do what Singaporeans do best? MAKAN! And actually, this Peranakan buffet is on till 31st August, so you still have time to make plans for a fantastic feast! Extra bonus, there are free recipe cards you can takeaway so you can recreate Chef Shermay’s signature Peranakan dishes at home, using her simple, fuss-free sauces, marinade and curry powder, so be sure to ask for them.

Lobby Level, Conrad Centennial Singapore
2 Temasek Blvd, Singapore S(038982)
Available for Lunch & Dinner Daily (check website for timings and price details, including credit card promotions)

* Food photo credits: Conrad Centennial Singapore hotel


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