Superb Salted Egg Yolk Calamari

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When our new Makan Kaki Audrey Lee and her partner were launching their own food menu at Little House of Dreams, she wanted to include Salted Egg Yolk Calamari all because of her amazing experience at this particular Woodlands stall.

Tucked in a small coffeeshop in the North of Singapore, YCC 688 Eating House is worth the trek, if only for their excellent Salted Egg Yolk Calamari. According to Audrey (who is not actually a fan of salted egg yolk), it was love at first bite. It is the best she’d ever tasted and she wanted the entire plate to herself.So what sets their Salted Egg Yolk Calamari apart from the rest? At other places, you might get an overly-battered squid that is drenched in so much salted egg yolk sauce, it gets unpleasantly mushy. But at YCC, the tasty, rich sauce clings just so to each piece of lightly battered squid, yet the calamari stays crispy!They’ve managed to nail that balance between crunch and creaminess, without letting the batter get soggy. Also, with calamari, it’s not always easy to achieve a tender, springy, fresh-tasting squid, but YCC delivers on this count too.

Good for dinner and late night suppers, if there is only one dish you order at this zichar stall, it’s got to be their Salted Egg Yolk Calamari. Audrey swears by it and says this is the best dish on their menu. Must try!

688 Eating House
Blk 688 Woodlands Drive 75, S(730688)
Open Daily: 5:30pm – 2am
Tel: +65 64647103


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