Season’s Eatings! As we celebrate the end of another delicious year, enjoy this culmination of our month-long retrospective of this year’s tastiest eats & most popular makan recommendations. Thanks to your votes on Facebook and your support here on our little blog, here’s the very best of Makan Kakis – 2018’s TOP 3:

  1. Old Seng Choong and Cat & The Fiddle cakes owner Chef Daniel Tay’s favourite Fishball Kway Teow.
  2. Home-cook, Fashion Designer and Theatre Practitioner Oniatta Effendi’s go-to Nasi Jenganan & Rawon.
  3. Chef Anthony Yeoh’s Pasar Malam discovery of light, airy, crispy Wadeh.

And just a recap, here are other worthy contenders that made it into the TOP 10:

To Listen/ download the podcast of this week’s Best of 2018 episode, CLICK HERE

Thank you once again so much for your support of Gold 905 and for helping Makan Kakis grow bigger and better. If you like what you hear on air and what you see here on the blog, do share share share! Here’s to yet another year of yum – may your 2019 be overflowing with the best things to eat and drink – Gluttonous Greetings & Happy New Year, everybody!


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