Excellent Zichar Favourites in the East

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Hello Makan Kakis, if you’re looking for comfort cooking that hits the spot and wok-breathed delicacies created with punchy flavour & flair, then you’ve got to try this casual Zichar place in the East, where you can bring your own wines or whiskeys. So says our Foodie Friend, co-owner of Asian Tapas Bar, The Wine & Gourmet Friends, William Seah. Wee’s Family Coffee Shop in Bedok Reservoir has been getting rave reviews for their signature Salted Egg Crab, which William has a weakness for. Very rich, very savoury, very tasty sauce paired with succulent and sweet crab meat – what’s not to love? This Zichar restaurant is the family business of another wine consultant friend of William’s, Milton. That’s why if you love to pair your local dishes with alcohol, this is the perfect setting. Wee’s Family Coffee Shop encourages BYOB, no corkage!

The first time William ever visited, he brought along friends from Italy, who raved about the Assam Fish Head, which was spicy and a wonderfully new experience for them. The tang of the gravy with the crunch of fresh veggies and meaty fish head make for a very piquant dish indeed.

Another favourite of William’s would be the Claypot Pig’s Liver, which has a wonderful melt-in-the-mouth texture and is deliciously drenched in the deep, rich, dark gravy that packs a flavour punch. Check out the quality of their raw ingredient!

Besides the above-mentioned 3 favourites, you might also want to give their steamed chilli & garlic squid a try – it’s very fresh-tasting and aromatic.

For  your dose of carbs, try their 3 Eggs Hock Chew Mee Sua, a tasty contrast in textures and packed with wolfberries, black fungus, bok choy and mushrooms.

Wee’s Family Coffee Shop (黄家咖啡店)
117 Bedok Reservoir Rd, Singapore 470117
Open Daily: 8am – 11.30pm
Tel: +65 67437482

*photos via wee’s family coffee shop fb & william seah

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