Dempsey Delights, New Ubin Insights

Hello Makan Kakis, meet your new Foodie Friends, a Father & Son duo who are wildly passionate about food, especially since they are the team behind Truly Singaporean Tze Char restaurant brand, New Ubin Seafood, known for not just their take on tasty traditional dishes, but also their innovative twist on Western contemporary dishes – perfect beef and heart attack fried rice, anyone?

SM Pang and his son Alex popped by the Gold 905 studio recently to talk about all things food, working together in a family-run F&B business and of course, share with us some of their personal favourites when it comes to eating out here in Singapore.

By the way, they’ve just opened their newest branch at the Ramada Hotel (Zhongshan Park), serving up the same awesome signatures you know and love. Check it out here.



As for where the Pangs enjoy eating when they’re not working at their own restaurants, let’s start off with one of Senior Pang’s favourites. He does love and know his local flavours, but rather than go for the obvious Tze Char, he’s sharing his favourite Western establishment, which serves up high-end, quality food, without that stuffy, overly “atas” atmosphere. Atout at Dempsey is a casual, approachable restaurant run by his friend Patrick, a Swiss-French chef who makes a mean Pig’s Head Terrine that goes really well with his freshly-baked handmade bread. The seasoned piggy parts in aspic give a deep and rich flavour that speaks of the chef’s skills.

The terrines go well with the wines at Atout which are also very reasonably priced.

Son Alex totally agrees with his father’s choice, and they have spent many happy hours there gorging themselves. Alex also recommends Atout’s hand-made charcuterie and sausages.

40C Harding Rd S(249548)
Open Daily: 11.30am – 10pm
Tel: +65 66791800


Onwards to Alex’s choice – coincidentally, also in the Dempsey area – for real comfort food, you simply cannot go wrong with local Banana Leaf Curry institution, Samy’s Curry Restaurant! Alex remembers dining here often as a child with his parents and his Grandma also used to do takeaways for days spent at his grandparents’ home. This is heritage food at its finest, not only because the Pangs have been going since before Alex was born, but also because Samy’s have a 50-year history and are on to their 3rd generation running this family business. And today, Alex is keeping that heritage alive by bringing his family to eat at Samy’s, often for Sunday Lunch.

Samy’s is known for its tangy Fish Head Curry, but they also boast a wide array of other delicious dishes, so here’s what Alex usually orders: Chicken Masala (to-die-for!), Prawn Masala, Fish Roe (be warned, this sells out super fast!), Spicy Squid (his dad’s favourite) with Briyani, Papadum, Dhal, all served on a banana leaf and eaten with your hands.

25 Dempsey Rd S(249670)
Open Daily:  11am–3pm, 6–10pm
Tel: +65 64722080

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