Jin Hock is Jin Ho (So Good!)

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Our Makan Kaki Annette Tan of FatFuku private dining is back to tell us about one of her Regular Zichar haunts in the East – a place that offers up rather unique dishes, alongside the usual classic Zichar staples like sambal seafood, rice & noodles. Jin Hock Seafood is a very humble stall at the bottom of a block of flats in Chai Chee, but flavour-wise, everything is punchy, full of wok hei, smoky and really delicious. One of the things she likes to order is their Crispy Salted Egg Bitter Gourd (see above). Now, she doesn’t usually eat bitter gourd, but theirs is so good she’ll make an exception at Jin Hock. The key is in the treatment and preparation of the bitter gourd, which is sliced really thin then allowed to dry out a little. They then coat the bitter gourd slices with salted egg and deep fry them till they resemble crisps – SO addictive! Bonus is the curry leaves, red chillis and crunchy ikan billis scattered throughout this dish.

The other thing Annette doesn’t much like to eat is tofu, but she will eat their Chai Por Bean Curd. The tofu itself is soft and melty on the inside, but nicely browned on the outside from getting a deep fat bath. They then sprinkle deep fried chai por (preserved radish) on top of large silken squares. It’s insane how good this dish is. The chai por really enhances the tofu so much more!

It would seem everything deep fried is being recommended here, but honestly, these dishes are so yummy – you’ve got to indulge! After all, this isn’t your regular home-cooking. You can take your cholesterol pills later! So go ahead, be sure to also order their Crispy Deep Fried Garlic Pork – featuring really thin slivers of garlic that make the entire dish very pungent, very garlicky and very delicious. Annette loves it. The sambal chilli that comes to your table is solid too – aromatic, savoury and gives you a good kick of heat.

Finally, get the Zichar staple of Hor Fun, for a little carb hit. Here at Jin Hock, theirs is given a twist and is called Double Flavoured Hor Fun. Imagine luscious, slippery sheets of Kway Teow smothered in a lot of really tasty gravy flavoured with clams, that gives off the smoky wok hei you always want, along with bits of pork and topped with deep fried Kway Teow. Talk about textural contrast!

So Foodie Friends, if ever you’re looking for unique Zichar in the East, do try Jin Hock – very affordable, very very good and at the end of your meal,  you even get free jelly for dessert. Admittedly, sometimes it looks  a bit radioactive in terms of colour, but hey, it’s FREE! Also, if it’s a bit of a trek to Chai Chee for you, they also have branches in Ang Mo Kio and Tampines.

Jin Hock Seafood
36 Chai Chee Avenue
Singapore 461036
Tel: +65 64488700

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