Next-Level Mee Rebus & Satay

Noodles make me happy. Swimming in soup, or tossed in a sauce, they’re a comfort food like no other. Especially when they come covered in a rich, spicy sweet potato gravy. Literally “boiled noodles” in Malay, mee rebus is one local dish that transcends its rather plain definition. But what can take already transcendent mee rebus to a whole other level?

Two words. Satay Sauce.

Imagine thick, chunky, peanut sauce cascading over thick, smooth sweet potato gravy, blanketing boiled yellow noodles. These were noodles that took me beyond happy to joy unlimited.

extra special mee rebus 2
Extra Special Mee Rebus with hard boiled egg, whole chicken leg and satay sauce topping

This revelation was all thanks to my Makan Kaki, Juwanda Hassim, chef and owner of The Fabulous Baker Boy Bakery & Café. A childhood favourite he thought he’d lost forever, Rahim Muslim Food was a popular stall amongst Juwanda’s classmates when it was still operating out of an old shophouse near their school in Upper Serangoon. Fortunately, we managed to hunt down its current location in Ang Mo Kio, where I discovered why theirs is next-level mee rebus.

chicken satay 1
Chicken Satay

And their satay is pretty extraordinary too!

with Mr Rahim & his daughter Fida
Mr Rahim & his daughter Fida with Denise

TASTE: Rahim Muslim Food is located at 453A Ang Mo Kio Ave 10, Chong Boon Market, #01-01, Singapore 560453. It’s open Mondays to Fridays 12.30pm to 7.30pm, Saturdays and Sundays 11.30am to 7.30pm.
Tel: +65 97867362

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