STAY HOME & EAT – Decadent Sandwiches that Travel Well

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This week, Chef  Anthony Yeoh of Summer Hill French Bistro at Sunset Way returns and continues with his recommendations of great places to get take-out or delivery from. One place finds himself keeps ordering from is The World is Flat. This is another dining concept by Howard Lo, who’s also behind popular places like Tanuki Raw and Standing Sushi Bar. So if you’re a fan of those, definitely give The World is Flat a try. Located at the airport, Chef Tony says business has been hit especially hard by the pandemic & he’s keen to give them as much support as possible. Another reason simply is because their sandwiches are really, really delicious.

A must-try is their fan-favourite Pastrami Melt Sandwich ($21), piled high with thinly sliced house-cured US beef pastrami, topped with their special sauce, onions, tomato, lettuce & of course, melted cheese. This is one super-loaded super-filling, super-indulgent sandwich, absolutely loaded with juicy meat. They don’t skimp on their pastrami here! Chef Tony gives special mention to their freshly baked brioche buns, which are beautifully butter-toasted and in the case of this pastrami sandwich, honey butter is used.

Also try the sandwiches that first got Chef Tony hooked to The World is Flat in the first place…

Firstly, the luxurious Steamed Boston Lobster Sandwich ($36), with generous chunks of lobster in a light, yet creamy mayo sauce, shallots with guacamole, lettuce and tomato, all served between those glorious, toasted, buttery brioche bun halves.

Next, give their Truffle Roast Beef Melt ($20) a go. You know when you have left overs from the best roast beef dinner and you use those those to make an awesome sandwich? This tastes legit like that, except it’s not left overs, it’s the real deal – premium beef that really hits the spot. Order this if you enjoy sliced roast US beef short rib, stacked high with onions, lettuce, tomato, melted cheese and aromatic truffle mayonnaise – all sandwiched in a toasted all-butter brioche.

Now if you’re the kind who can’t decide, then their Surf and Turf Sandwich ($34) is the best choice. Half truffle roast beef melt, half Boston lobster sandwich, this is the ultimate decadent sandwich that gives you the best of both worlds! A good sandwich to go with if it’s your first time trying The World is Flat out.

By the way, all sandwiches come with a side of potato chips.

Chef Tony enjoys ordering from The World is Flat because the individual sandwiches are a bit special and a perfect treat for yourself, especially if you’ve had a tough week. Plus, The World is Flat is a great choice if you’re still just easing yourself into phase 2 and prefer ordering in.

The World is Flat provides island-wide delivery (free for orders $50 and above, otherwise it’s a $9 flat fee). Best of all, these deliciously loaded sandwiches travel really well, so you’re not gonna get a soggy cold mess when they deliver.

To complete your meal, check out their sinfully scrumptious sides, which include truffle spam fries, Impossible chilli fries (meat-less) and the unusual Wham! Fries – smothered in melty cheese, spices, guacamole, tomato, sour cream and mini marshmallows. YES, MARSHMALLOWS.

And bonus! They do really rich, lavish bubble teas you can order as an accompaniment to your sandwiches. Their Black Dot Boba Teas come thick with a scoop of ice cream blended in and in a range of flavours, from Black Sugar, to Red Velvet to Brulee Cheesecake.

Jewel Changi Airport
78 Airport Boulevard #05-202 S(819666)
Open Daily: 11.30am – 9.15pm
Tel: +65 85904900
Order online: Click link above – island-wide delivery available for flat-fee of $9, free for orders $50 and above.

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