Om Sweet Om! Fusion Food & Chill Vibes

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Our Makan Kakis Farah & Claudinho of home-based Brazilian Food business Claudinho’s Kitchen are back to share with us their go-to place for an easy-breezy evening out. This is a really relaxed and casual sanctuary that offers up respite in the heart of bustling Haji Lane. Operating out of a cosy 2-storey shophouse, Going Om is a bohemian cafe/ bar that exudes good vibes & serves good food. Upstairs is a yoga space (yes, classes are available), whilst downstairs is all about the dining. It’s the place Claudinho loves to go, especially on a Sunday evening, for its very chill atmosphere. Just rock up, take a seat, have a drink & indulge in good food, in the company of friends. The food, is rather “particular”, as Claudinho puts it.

Going Om’s twist on an Indian street food classic – Pani Puri using Kueh Pie Tee cups!

Case-in-point, the very unique Pani Puri, which is a classic Indian street snack. A puri, or light and crispy sphere-shaped puff is usually hollowed out and filled with ingredients like chutney, chili, spices, potato, onion or chickpeas, then dipped in a flavored broth, for a delightful treat that is textured and packed with sweet, salty, tangy, spicy flavours. However, at Goin Om, they do it with a local twist, substituting the puri for crispy kueh pie tee cups. The rest of the ingredients remain the same and the result is delicious. Their take on Pani Puri is just one example of how they’re making fusion food work at Going Om.

Curry “prawn” pasta – This is the vegetarian version! But there’s also a Tiger Prawn version too.

However, Farah’s personal favorite on the menu is the Tiger Prawn Curry Pasta, in which India meets Italy. To be expected, you get lots of flavour from the spicy sauce, juicy prawns and al dente Fettucine. This is the one dish Farah always orders when she dines at Going Om. Even better, there’s a vegetarian version of this pasta using “prawns” made from soy, if you’re not a meat eater. 


Managed and owned by their friend Oliver, Going Om is the perfect reflection of its owner, who’s inspired by the beauty and hospitality he has received on his travels to India, particularly the Himalayas. Ultimately, if you’re looking for a super-relaxed nook to hang out at, Going Om is always the place Farah & Claudinho recommend to all their friends.

It’s an easy-going, casual place where you can just get comfy and soak in the buzzy atmosphere of Haji Lane. Especially when there’s live music*, a drink in your hand and a spread of snacks for the tasting! Bonus if Oliver’s adorable pet Italian Greyhounds are visiting!

Om Sweet Om!

63 Haji Lane, Singapore 18925

Opening Hours: 11am – 11pm (Tues – Sun). Closed on Mon. 

Food Delivery: 12 – 8pm (Tues – Sun)

Tel: +65 63963592 (office) / +65 83635640 (mobile)


*Not currently though, whilst we’re still in Phase 2.


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