Healthy, Delicious Hot Pot with no MSG!

Click to listen/ download podcast of this week’s hot, steamy, soupy episode!

SEE:Our foodie friend Chef Shen Tan of private dining series Ownself Make Chef is back with an excellent recommendation for lovers of hotpot, or steamboat! She’s observed that with the Covid-19 situation, hot pot restaurants have been quite badly affected so she decided to show her support. After having had her first taste, a few months ago, of the delights Long Qing has to offer, she ordered some in for delivery. She was very impressed with their broths because they actually don’t use any MSG and you can actually taste all the fresh, quality ingredients. Their broths taste very clean and are very flavorful – there’s so much umami in there and you can tell it’s naturally built-in, without any artificial stuff. Having been to Long Qing many times myself,  I have to agree.  I love things spicy, so my favorite is their spicy & numbing Mala broth (their wild mushroom & tomato broths are great too).

For Chef Shen, she thinks the spicy prawn broth is amazing – full of prawny, briny goodness, as you can see in the picture above. Long Qing delivery has several sets to choose from, and not being able to decide, she went for 2 different sets, with enough food to feed 4, when there were only 2 of them eating at home! I had the same problem – too many yummy choices, so I ended up with more than I could finish – but that’s a happy problem (scroll down for what I had delivered).

Chef Shen also highly recommends the pig stomach soup, which was really sweet and robust. With just a bowl of white rice, it was fantastically good!

The accompanying dish of Mala frog was also a punchy, flavour-packed foil to the nutritious soups. The tender frog (like a cross between fish & chicken) was numbingly delicious and spicy, fragrantly stir-fried with lotus root.

For me, my delivery was a spread of pork and vegetable dumplings with QQ noodles, mixed mala stir-fry (the best!) with a fried egg on white rice.

I ended up mixing the sets up and combined some noodles with the mala stir-fry for an added treat. So tasty!

Ordering online is a cinch, if you prefer to eat in the comfort and safety of your home (click the link below), but why not #supportlocalsg and pay them a visit at their Hong Kong Street location for a proper hotpot experience, now that we can in groups of up to 5?

Long Qing Steamboat
18 Hongkong St, S(059661)
Open: 12–2:30pm, 6–11pm (Wed – Sat); 6–11pm (Sun & Tue); Closed on Mon.
Tel: +65 65331618

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