MasterChef SG’s Mel Lim – Fave Dark Soy Sauce Wanton Mee

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This week, we welcome Hotel Operator Melissa Lim, who most recently exited the MasterChef Singapore competition. She tells us about that fateful episode, gives us insights into the MasterChef experience and also recommends her favourite wanton mee in Singapore.



Passionate about French Patisserie & Japanese Cuisine, Melissa is usually based in Manila (The Philippines), where she is a hotel manager. But when she’s back in Singapore, it’s all about all the local hawker favourites she misses when she’s away. She loves this East-side stall for their unique wanton noodles.    

photo via bei-ing wanton noodles facebook.

Mel swears by Bei-Ing Wanton Noodles at Roxy Square, which offers up delicious and affordable options like Chicken Katsu noodles, Katong Otah and more. But the most outstanding of all is their insta-worthy, artistically-presented wanton mee. Each serving is presented with a stylish swoosh of dark sauce painted on the side of the bowl. Such flair, Mel observes, is worthy of a Michelin-starred restaurant.

Bei-ing Wanton Noodles 2
Notice the artistic brush swoosh of sauce on the plate rim! Photo courtesy of Melissa Lim.

But this is no all style, no substance dish. Bei-Ing’s noodles taste as good as they look! You’ll notice that the sauce is exceptionally dark – this is variant of wanton mee is not that common here in Singapore, but is usually more associated with Malaysian-style noodles. The inky-black sauce gives the dish a deeply umami, savoury-sweet soy flavour.

The thin, springy noodles are cooked to al dente perfection and served with a mixture of deep-fried & boiled wantons. The shatteringly-crisp fried dumplings give gorgeous, contrasting texture to their slippery smooth boiled cousins – truly the best of both worlds! The smoky, thick-cut char siew is also commendable, but Mel says that the wanton & noodles are the stars of the show.

Mel has a soft spot for Bei-Ing Wanton Noodles also because the second generation is actively working hard to keep their legacy going. With that, you can rest assured even though it’s a dying trade, this particular family-run business is here to stay for (hopefully) years to come. Heartening, since they’ve been around since 1984. They deserve our support!

So if you’re ever in the area, do check out Bei-Ing for their fantastic noodles. Bonus: you can dine in air-conditioned comfort and given its great location, leave time to explore the Katong enclave after your wanton mee treat.

Bei-ing Wanton Noodles
Photo courtesy of Melissa Lim.

Bei-Ing Wanton Noodles (美樱云吞面)
50 East Coast Road, #01-64, Roxy Square 1, S(428769)
Open: 10.50am – 4pm (Wed – Sun, Closed Thurs)
Tel: +65 64409511/ +65 90467176

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