Keto, Halal & Vegan Gelato + Comforting Curry Rice!

MomolatoChefSharonTayHRHi Makan Kakis,

Please meet our new Foodie Friend, investment-banker-turned-award-winning-gelato-chef & founder of Momolato (cafe & gelato brand) Sharon Tay!

Momolato is short for “more and more gelato” and believe me, Sharon has dreamt up an extensive menu of unique and delicious gelato & sorbets that are eco-friendly and halal, with keto, vegan, dairy-free and no-sugar added options.

This week, get to know more about the brand, the cafe and the lady boss behind Momolato (she supplies lots of others places in Singapore too!) – do have a listen to our podcasts! And do scroll down for highlights from Momolato’s unique menu.




Gelato Chef Sharon Tay absolutely adores curry rice, specifically the classic Hainanese type, which features rice & a choice of accompanying dishes, all drenched in a bath of Chinese-style curry gravy. Her hands-down favourite has got to be Tiong Bahru stalwart, Loo’s Hainanese Curry Rice, a stall that has a 75-year history and a painstaking curry recipe that allegedly takes 3 days to create.  Operating out of its humble Seng Poh Road coffeeshop, Loo’s continues to delight hungry diners looking for the home-cooked comforts coupled with their signature curry.


Chef Sharon describes said curry as “creamy” and “aromatic” and indeed, when Denise popped by to do a quick takeaway, the intensity of flavour was distinct, even after sitting wrapped in takeaway wax paper for a good 30 minutes. What it lacked in temperature heat, the curry gravy more than made up for its kick and taste. It had soaked into the rice and dishes, imbuing everything with a delicious spiciness that was rich, yet not cloying. 


Fresh out of the fryer, Chef Sharon cannot resist Loo’s famous pork chop, which is “amazing” and “crispy”. Coated with Khong Guan biscuits that have been pulverised to a fine powder then seasoned and fried, the pork chop boasts a golden-crunchy crumb crust and tender meat, enhanced by the classic sweet & sour Hainanese tomato sauce. Denise, however preferred to enjoy the porkchop sans tomato sauce, to really bump up the pure curry flavour from the gravy slathered all over the dish.


In true “point-point” rice style, lots of other dishes are on offer at Loo’s, presented in metal containers you can choose from. Denise got there near closing time, but managed to snag some braised cabbage with glass vermicelli, a whole squid and a fried egg which was squirted with sticky-sweet dark soy sauce (hence the deep brown colour of the sauce above).


All-in-all, Loo’s is really one of the best in Singapore, serving up consistently good curry rice and dishes since 1946 – seven decades of experience is testament to the quality of their food! Hainanese Curry Rice really is one of those quintessential “Ugly-Delicious” dishes – it’s pretty much a brown gloopy mess, but with the very special curry holding everything together, it just tastes wonderful. Hearty, satisfying and comforting!


71 Seng Poh Rd, #01-49, S(160071)
Open Fri – Wed: 8am – 2.45pm (closed Thurs)
Tel: +65 62253762

*** BONUS ***
Some highlights of halal, eco-friendly Momolato‘s menu – these look good and taste great, who would guess they are keto, vegan, dairy-free or no-sugar-added? Denise loves the combination of pandan waffle with coconut gelato. Other stand-out flavours were the unusual 1000 Days Gouda Cheese Keto gelato (delightfully savoury-sweet), Triple Blend Chocolate sorbet, Red Watermelon Soursop sobet and Oolong Kyoto Hojicha. Order your gelato, sorbet, frozen yogurt, popsicles and fruite lattes here now!

Momolato’s signature croffle (waffles made from buttery, flaky croissant dough!). Served with vanilla cream, gula melaka sauce & your choice of gelato/ sorbet.
Keto smoothie time! Strawberry & Kiwi – yum!
Pandan waffle!
Special delivery! Momolato’s new blue pea vanilla fro-yo, Ecuador Chocolate Arabica Coffee gelato & 1000 Days Gouda Cheese Keto gelato. New fruit lattes in the background.
Trying out the dark chocolate latte – RICH & CREAMY!
The gorgeous Sugar-Free Latte Collection.

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