Irresistible Halal Gelato with Vegan & Keto Options

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Momolato’s signature croffle (waffles made from buttery, flaky croissant dough!). Served with vanilla cream, gula melaka sauce & your choice of gelato/ sorbet.
Hey Makan Kakis, our Foodie Friend & Fabulous Baker Boy, Juwanda Hassim is back with some tasty relief for the relentlessly hot weather we’ve been having. When he’s in need of some major cooling down, he heads to a little cafe a stone’s throw from his own for halal gelato, shakes, coolers and more. Located at the very hip Haji Lane, Juwanda describes Momolato (find out more about their wonderful gelato and the lady behind the brand), as a cute tropical-pop “ice-cream” parlour because of its interior design and large leafy wall mural.
IMG_5137Keto smoothie time! Strawberry & Kiwi – yum!
Besides being halal-certified, Momolato is also famous for their keto (sugar-free) range of gelato. Korean strawberry cheesecake swirl and dark chocolate are favourites and they are so rich and decadent that Juwanda says you won’t be able to tell they have no added sugar. Within the keto range, dairy-free and frozen yogurt options are also available. My favourite is the weird & wonderful 1000 Days Gouda Cheese Keto gelato (delightfully savoury-sweet).
IMG_5366Special delivery! Momolato’s new blue pea vanilla fro-yo, Ecuador Chocolate Arabica Coffee gelato & 1000 Days Gouda Cheese Keto gelato. New fruit lattes in the background.
When it comes to their regular gelato, you’ll be spoilt for choice at Momolato – there are so many innovative and unusual flavours to choose from. They have the usuals like chocolate or vanilla, but even these common flavours are given a special Momolato spin. Theirs isn’t just plain vanilla, it’s a “pastel swirl of blue pea Hokkaido milk and french vanilla bean creme brulee”. Some other stand-outs on the menu – these look good and taste great, who would guess they are keto, vegan, dairy-free or no-sugar-added – Triple Blend Chocolate sorbet, Red Watermelon Soursop sorbet and Oolong Kyoto Hojicha. IMG_5063 For Juwanda, he loves the super-creamy Hokkaido milk-based flavours and most of all, his favourite is the black sesame gelato. The latter is toasty, nutty, a little savoury, a little sweet and gloriously rich from roasted black sesame seeds, fresh milk & cream. Be sure to leave room for their accompanying waffles. Juwanda is partial to their pandan one, which comes with your choice of gelato (I love it paired with coconut gelato) and extra tubs of delicious vanilla cream and luscious gula melaka sauce. IMG_5075 Another interesting take on the waffle is their croffle, a pure butter croissant pressed in the waffle-maker for a crispy, flaky, grid-patterned treat. The square indentations are the perfect receptacles for more cream, sauce and gelato! IMG_5058 On an especially sweltering day, Juwanda likes to treat himself to a Popsicle Spritzer from Momolato. They have a wide range of fruity icy treats on sticks to order online, but these are made even better in-store when added to a thirst-quenching spritzer. 5d21fc47-58d6-4669-a7cf-11bb951a79e8 Choose from watermelon mint with a watermelon kiwi pop in the drink, coconut water lychee with coconut water lychee pop or mango with passionfruit strawberry pop. Juwanda likes to stir his popsicle spritzer up, watch it dissolve a little, making the spritzer even icier and more flavourful. This is a must try!
Trying out the dark chocolate latte – RICH & CREAMY!
If you’re looking for a drink that’s more substantial and desserty, you could also give Momolato’s cool lattes a try. These are hefty and filling, available in fruity flavours or chocolatey hit.
IMG_5367The gorgeous Sugar-Free Latte Collection.
So remember,  for halal-certified premium gelatos, icy treats and even a coffee, pop into the tropical pop paradise of Momolato next time you’re in the Kampong Glam area. And from Haji Lane, do drop by and say hi to Juwanda at The Fabulous Baker Boy on Aliwal Street!
Pictured here in keto cones are ondeh ondeh korean sweet potato (green), blue pea hokkaido vanilla creme brûlée (blue), red watermelon soursop (red) & himalayan osmanthus mango passionfruit (yellow).

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