MAKAN KAKIS on Gold 905

Mmm, ooh, yum, slurp, sedap, good, oishi, scrumptious, SHIOK!
There are so many ways to express our love for food. And here on Gold 905, after a scrumptiously successful first run with iconic food journalist KF Seetoh, of Makansutra fame, Makan Kakis is back, up-sized and spiced-up with an all-new rolling panel of foodie friends, who are just as obsessed and passionate about food!

Join your Hostess with the Mostest, Denise Tan and well-loved local culinary personalities, as they take you on their weekly adventures in glorious gluttony, tempting you with yummy eats that can’t be beat!

New episodes every Thursday hosted by Denise from 11am, exclusively on Gold 905, sounds good, feels good, TASTES GOOD!
Repeats every Friday, through the weekend.

Makan Kakis – Because Good Friends Share Good Food!

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear all,

    I’m from Goldleaf Restaurant and we would like to invite Makan kakis for a meal at our place.

    Just a brief introduction on our restaurant. It first started in the year 1971 in Oxley Rise and is a well-known name in the 70s. Our signature dishes include Braised Pork with Preserved vegetables 梅菜扣肉,Pan fried Premium Cod with Goldleaf sauce 香煎鳕鱼 and Chye Por Omelette 菜脯蛋.

    Hope we have the honour to see you guys at our place soon.


  2. Hi Denise & the Makan Kakis gang:
    Do you entertain requests to visit good makan places, from your avid listeners / fans?

    I would like to recommend OLIVO Bistro & Bakery at Aperia Mall @Kallang Avenue. (I am just a satisfied customer at OLIVO, who would like to see them to have the better business that they deserve).

    Chef Samuel Tai makes an Outstanding Claypot Peranakan Asam Curry Fish Head (for a non-peranakan ‘muggle’),

    For 7+ hours he’ll prepare & cook the fresh ‘rempah’ (for Chef Sam, no shortcuts; It’s worth the struggle);

    Please try OLIVO for yourself, so you can see;

    If their Asam Fish / Chilli Crab Burgers / Low-Sugar Cakes / Ayam & Babi Sioh / Bakwan Kepiting / awesome Chicken Pies / Bak Kwa & Salted Egg Quiche (and more!)

    = #SedapS’kali ??
    #AsamBoi #HealthyGastronomy
    (Natural, Premium Ingredients, Low-Sugar, Low-Salt, No MSG,
    No Artificial Sweetener, No Shortening, No Trans-Fat)

    p/s: If the great food at affordable prices = isn’t enough,
    OLIVO also supports ARTS@METTA, by giving these special needs artists a retail space to sell their batik painting and pottery artworks; and has also given employment opportunities to special needs individuals, to help learn life skills that promote integration, independence and employment).

    . https://www.facebook.com/olivo.bistro.bakery

    . http://bit.ly/Olivo-Peranakan-Asam-Curry-Fish

    . https://www.facebook.com/ArtsAtMetta

    1. Hi Jaime, thanks for the recommendation – boy, you sure are passionate about Olivio! Sounds delicious, especially that Assam Curry Fish Head and great to know they support Arts@Metta – food for the tummy & the soul! I’ll be sure to let you know if I get the chance to pop by for a taste! 🙂

      1. Hi Denise & Makan Kakis Gang:
        Thanks for your reply.

        And if you’re craving that assam ‘fix’
        but not in the mood for curry fish head,
        Never fear! Chef Samuel is adaptable,
        he can substitute with Halibut / Mackerel, or Chicken Thighs instead.

        ( Assam fish mackerel / chicken = really does work too! )

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