Makan Kakis’ Favourite Char Kway Teow?

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Hello Makan Kakis, this week, we present an oldie but goodie and an enduring favourite amongst our foodie friends. When it’s Char Kway Teow you’re craving, many of us end up at this Zion Road institution. Award-winning Pastry Chef Janice Wong is no different and she raves about this recent discovery of hers.

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Hunan Cuisine

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Greetings Greedies! Looking for something similar to the fiery-numbing spiciness of Sze Chuan Cuisine, but a little less intense with no compromising on flavour? It’s also less oily, very tasty and comes from the birthplace of Mao Zedong. This is a restaurant that delivers on all counts, serving up lots of spice without setting your mouths or tummies aflame. Our Makan Kaki, Chef Shen Tan (of private dining experience Ownself Make Chef) recommends Hunan Cuisine in Chinatown!

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Excellent Zichar Favourites in the East

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Hello Makan Kakis, if you’re looking for comfort cooking that hits the spot and wok-breathed delicacies created with punchy flavour & flair, then you’ve got to try this casual Zichar place in the East, where you can bring your own wines or whiskeys. So says our Foodie Friend, co-owner of Asian Tapas Bar, The Wine & Gourmet Friends, William Seah. Wee’s Family Coffee Shop in Bedok Reservoir has been getting rave reviews for their signature Salted Egg Crab, which William has a weakness for. Very rich, very savoury, very tasty sauce paired with succulent and sweet crab meat – what’s not to love? This Zichar restaurant is the family business of another wine consultant friend of William’s, Milton. That’s why if you love to pair your local dishes with alcohol, this is the perfect setting. Wee’s Family Coffee Shop encourages BYOB, no corkage!

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High Quality, Reasonably-Priced Northern Indian Cuisine

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Our Makan Kaki Pastry Chef Janice Wong is back this week to tell us about another one of her favourite places to eat at. When she’s craving excellent Indian food, Little India Institution, Jaggi’s is where she heads.

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Take a Chance on this Popiah!

Hello Hungry People! Meet our new Makan Kaki, William Seah! He’s the co-owner of The Wine and Gourmet Friends, a new wine bar serving up Asian Tapas and delicious drinks at Bukit Pasoh Road. In this week’s episode, we chat to William about his new F&B venture, his foray into the wine business (can you believe he used to be severely allergic to alcohol?) and of course, we talk about what he likes to eat. After all the Chinese New Year Feasting, Popiah seems like a nice, light respite… unless you like yours the way William does – full of extra Lup Cheong (Chinese Sausage)! Being a Hokkien born & bred, William grew up celebrating Chinese New Year with homemade Popiah, painstakingly made from scratch & with love by his parents. Till this day, they still celebrate the festive period with Popiah, so you could say William KNOWS good Popiah! That’s why he was delighted to discover a renowned Popiah place in Bukit Merah, because theirs tastes just like his family’s Popiah and really activates those childhood taste memories…



William loves the popiah here at Good Chance Popiah because it tastes just like his family’s, authentically Hokkien and a third generation family-run business, whose youngest members have now taken over and are extremely friendly and helpful – be sure to look for brother and sister duo Kai Chun & Kivi who are only too happy to show you how to make the perfect popiah!

Everything comes together so well, thanks to what William believes is the most important ingredient – the veggie filling. Beautifully seasoned and rich in depth of flavour, the bang kwang (jicama) is flavourful and binds everything together. Cabbage, Turnip, Carrot, Bamboo Shoot, Leek, Dried Tofu, French Bean and dried shrimp are used to make their beautifully braised filling. From there, you can add whatever topping you please, in whatever quantities to create a Popiah to suit your tastes.

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Kway Chap: Year of the Pig with a Little Duck Thrown In!

Greetings & Salutations, Greedies! Happy New Year and we’re back after a teensy hiatus, just in time to welcome a returning Foodie Friend who can always be counted on to bring us new & unusual makan recommendations. Since we last talked food with Chef Shen Tan, she has embarked on a wildly popular private home dining supper series, cheekily called OWNSELF MAKE CHEF, featuring quality ingredients and ingenious riffs on familiar, local dishes. What you get is South East Asian flavours you’ll recognise, but elevated and no less delicious – sop buntut with Wagyu beef or twice steamed Nasi Lemak with grilled King prawn and lard sambal, anyone? With 13 (and counting) specially curated themed menus, Chef Shen’s culinary creativity is on the up and up! She even offers cooking classes now (fully booked till March, but hey, book now and you can get a class in April!), so that you can eat and learn how to make her bold style of food.



And of course when Chef Shen isn’t busy cooking up a storm for her guests, she’s out and about discovering new makan obsessions to share with us, one of which is a Teochew braised duck that she absolutely adores. Melvin is a second generation hawker who is carrying on his father’s legacy with this stall at Chinatown Complex. His mother still helps him and business is brisk because they serve really delicious food!

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Season’s Eatings! As we celebrate the end of another delicious year, enjoy this culmination of our month-long retrospective of this year’s tastiest eats & most popular makan recommendations. Thanks to your votes on Facebook and your support here on our little blog, here’s the very best of Makan Kakis – 2018’s TOP 3:

  1. Old Seng Choong and Cat & The Fiddle cakes owner Chef Daniel Tay’s favourite Fishball Kway Teow.
  2. Home-cook, Fashion Designer and Theatre Practitioner Oniatta Effendi’s go-to Nasi Jenganan & Rawon.
  3. Chef Anthony Yeoh’s Pasar Malam discovery of light, airy, crispy Wadeh.

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Makan Kakis Best of 2018 – Part 3

It’s time once again for Season’s Eatings and as we celebrate the end of another delicious year, enjoy this Makan Kakis special –  we’re looking back at 2018’s most popular makan recommendations!

We continue the festive feasting with these next contenders:

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