Karried Away by Kway Chap!

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This week, join our Makan Kaki, the Guru of Gluttony himself, KF Seetoh on his wanderings for good food. He was in the Indoor Stadium area when he remembered a friend telling him about good things to eat at a lonesome stretch of road near The Cage indoor football. After traipsing to the very end of the road, he found an old hawker centre of about 8 stalls, a building that looks like time forgot it. After calling his friend to verify, Seetoh was told that this was the place that sold excellent KWAY CHAP – bowls of offal, meat and rice sheets in a silky braise.

Walking up and down inside this little hawker centre, Seetoh saw no kway chap stall and together with his food researcher, approached the first stall to ask for info. This stall was selling breakfast beehoon, but lo & behold, the hawker said they had come to the right place! Turns out, this stall does double-duty for breakfast, then morphs into a kway chap stall come lunchtime. The hawker told them they were in the midst of preparing for lunch and so Seetoh waited for about an hour before a gorgeously porky spread was served.

The first thing he noticed was the SHEEN on the pig parts – the large and small intestines, the pig skin, all glistened appealingly, which says just one thing – FRESH! The skin in particular, was of the perfect texture – crunchy, almost calamari-like, so smooth, so tasty. And if you’re not a fan of the super-herbal variation of kway chap, this is the one for you! Nary a whiff of that medicinal aroma or taste! This says a lot because in the past, herbs were used to mask & neutralise the stink of the pig parts. In the case of this stall, the ingredients were so fresh and clean, the overt use of herbs isn’t necessary! With lashings of shiok chilli, the kway, or rice sheets, were silky and soft, drenched in a delicious braised gravy.

All in all, a satisfying, comforting bowl of piggy perfection. So good that Seetoh rates this kway chap DIE-DIE MUST TRY!

Kway Chap @ Food Centre
38 Jalan Benaan Kapal (near Indoor Stadium, where THE CAGE is)
Open Daily: 11am – 4pm ( but usually sells out by 2/3pm so get there early!)


The Best Blanco Court Kway Chap

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Today, Chef Daniel Tay wants to take us to Holland Drive Food Centre for one of his favourite local comfort foods – Kwap Chap! There are a couple of stalls selling this pungent, piggy delicacy, but look for the stall called Blanco Court Kway Chap. Now, you’ll discover that there are many stalls calling themselves Blanco Court Kway Chap across Singapore, but in Chef Daniel’s opinion, whether this is the original or not, the one at Holland Drive is the best. Why? It’s the skill in which the pig parts are handled – thoroughly cleaned, there’s a fresh, not foul aroma and the taste is simply wonderful. The intestines, in particular are tender and they taste so clean!

The lor, or gravy, is also very important – Chef Daniel says it has to be old – as in well-matured. It’s almost like saving a bit from today for the next and the next, to give those rich flavours a chance to develop in the pot. He tells the story of after the market & food centre reopened after a long renovation, he found that the gravy at this stall not quite as tasty. Even the owner said it’s too “new” and to come back 2 weeks later, after the gravy had time to properly mature.

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For the ultimate bowl of Kway Chap, get everything – all 3 parts of the intestines, the pork belly, the pig trotters, stewed egg and lots of chilli to go with the delicate rice sheets swimming in the silken gravy.

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For your next Kway Chap fix, do try Blanco Court Kway Chap at Holland Drive – surprisingly, look for the stall that DOES NOT usually have the long queue! It’s the one that Chef Daniel truly believes serves up the best!

44 Holland Drive
#02-02 Holland Drive Market & Food Centre
Singapore 270044