Dive into this Kacang Pool!

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This week, our foodie friend and cook-performer in Singapore Festival of the Arts’ forthcoming O.P.E.N. KITCHENS, Asha Adnan, introduces us to a retro restaurant that’s a throwback to the 70s/ 80s. Mukmin Restaurant features several established stalls serving up really delicious home comforts. Case in point, Kacang Pool, which Asha describes as a Malay take on hummus. Asha loves the texture and taste of this dish, which comes with chopped green chillies, red onion and a fried egg on top. Better yet, you can ask for a runny centre (Asha recommends you do) and sop up all the eggy, kacang goodness with the toasted French bread served on the side!

If you’re early enough and lucky enough to be there on Fridays, be sure to get in line to grab the freshly fried Goreng Pisang (batter-fried banana)  – sweet, savoury and so irresistible – BEFORE 2pm. They sell out really quickly, a testament to how good they are!  And don’t forget to ask for the crumbs – you know, those crunchy bits of excess batter? Other must-tries at Mukmin include their Lontong Goreng, Mee Soto & Laksa. It’s really a restaurant that has everything tasty under one roof! 

Block 129 Bedok North Street 2, #01-26, Singapore 460129
Tel: 64434724
Open Daily: 7am – 10pm


Creature Comforts – Inspired Heritage Food

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Our very first Makan Kaki, KF Seetoh is back! He’s got 5 copies of the latest edition of Makansutra for you to win and you can go straight to Gold 905’s FB page to enter our contest! For today, let’s talk Asian Heritage food that’s creative, beautifully presented and completely delicious! Seetoh loves meeting people who love and embrace their culinary heritage and move forward using that history to create amazing meals. Case in point, CreatureS, which serves up “comfort food with an Asian flair while staying true to the origins of the dish”. Check out some of Seetoh’s favourites from this little restaurant dishing out big flavours on colourful Desker Road in Little India:

cod-and-nasi-ulamNasi Ulam balls with Miso Cod. Nasi Ulam, in particular, is such a labour of love, involving rice cooked in rich fish stock and perfumed with lots of finely chopped Asian herbs. CreatureS does theirs Japanese onigiri-style and they are WONDERFUL!

lamb-shank-rendangLamb Shank Rendang. Spicy, rich and fall-apart-fork-tender, add a little lontong and you’re in meaty heaven!

babi-gulingCreatureS’ version of Balinese Babi Guling is another winner, as is their Nyonya-inspired Babi Pongtay, of which the pork belly is outstanding – a deep, burnished soy-brown, the babi is caramelised soft and is absolutely delicious.

babi-pongtayDurian Lovers, you’re gonna combust when you check this dessert out…

durian-cake-2CreatureS’ Durian Cake sounds very simple, but trust us, it is so layered in favour, you’ll want to eat the whole cake, not just a slice.

durian-cake-1Can you imagine smooth Mao Shan Wang durian paste (pungent, unctuous durian meat mixed with cream) layered between soft pandan sponge cake and smothered in pandan-vanilla chantilly cream? They make it a mind-blowing reality at CreatureS and it is a definite must-try!

If it’s yummy, satisfying, Asian-inspired food that stays true to its heritage, this is the place to eat at. Bonus is, CreatureS have got what it takes in both the style and substance departments – skillfully-made, delicious food that still looks great, is beautifully presented and totally instagrammable!

120 Desker Road, Singapore 209639

Tel: 6291 6996

Opening Hours:
Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday / Sunday: 12.00 noon –10.30 p.m.
Friday / Saturday: 12.00 noon –11.30 p.m.
Closed on Mondays.





Luscious Lontong, Sensational Nasi Sambal Goreng

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After much persuasion, our Makan Kaki Juwanda Hassim (The Fabulous Baker Boy) finally revealed his favourite stall for Lontong & Nasi Sambal Goreng. But I had to really dig it out of him! You know when there’s that one place you love and prefer to keep to yourself because it’s just so good? This is it for Juwanda. Never have I heard such passion, pride and devotion to these traditional Malay dishes – Juwanda’s love for the food served at this stall in ABC Brickworks Food Centre is unparalleled. Here’s why: The lady who cooks and serves does it just like Mum – no holds barred, with the same love, care, attention to detail and best of all, with a big smile.

Lontong with Sambal & Serunding

Let’s start with her Lontong – you can have it as Lontong Kering, which is dry, or with the gravy. Definitely go with the gravy version because you don’t want to miss out on its full-on flavour- all the better to soak into the tender, home-made lontong (rice cakes). It’s just the right consistency – thick, rich, redolent with spices with that perfect balance of Serai, Ginger, and all the the other ingredients. Together with veggies, heaps and heaps of Serunding (spicy fried coconut) and the sambal which has been cooked slowly for hours over a fire, this dish is absolutely irresistible. Juwanda wonders why Lotong isn’t a Malay National dish! It’s so good, that in his words, “it makes you want to cry, because you long for these flavours, because you don’t find it very often anymore.”

Nasi Sambal Goreng with Ayam Goreng (fried chicken)

Next, move on to the Nasi Sambal Goreng. First and foremost, the rice is of really high quality. Be sure to order it either with sambal sotong (squid) or ayam goreng (fried chicken). Again, both have full-on flavour and are completely delicious. It’s these dishes he feels are more than worth preserving and documenting and it’s these dishes that make him so very proud of his Malay cuisine. So hurry, get in line and grab your Lontong & Nasi Sambal Goreng to-go or eat there! You’ll find Nusa & Tara in the 3rd section (halal) of ABC Market, at the end, just opposite the Kueh Moi stall.

Nusa & Tara’s got to be good – look at the queue!

Nusa & Tara
ABC Brickworks Food Centre
Blk 6 Jalan Bukit Merah
Open: 5.30am – 1.30pm