Brilliant Brunch & Bakes, New York Style!

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photo via clinton street baking co’s FB.

The weekend is almost here and if you’re looking for a relaxed, family-friendly place for a leisurely breakfast or brunch, you can count on our Makan Kaki, Jeremmy Chiam, Chef-Owner of Le Binchotan for a good recommendation. One of his favourites is a place that has been on the scene for three years now, consistently serving up their famous brunch signatures like chicken and waffles, as well as blueberry pancakes. But when Chef Jeremmy heads over (and he does this very often) to Clinton Street Baking Company & Restaurant, he always orders something a little special to remind him of the days when he traveled often as cabin crew for an airline company. Clinton Street takes him back to his times spent blissfully alone in LA & New York, where he loved going for brunch and taking his own sweet time over his all-American meal. Indeed, the restaurant here on Purvis Street is a branch of the acclaimed original New York brunch eatery, located on the Lower East Side.

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Beautiful Brunches Begin at Fynn’s

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Hello Makan Kakis, as the weekend rolls round, time to start planning a laid back, luscious brunch in a beautiful setting! Here’s a casual modern Australian cafe that serves up excellent weekend brunches and is one of the favourites of our foodie friend, Fatfuku’s Annette Tan. This restaurant at Beach Road is, simply put, beautiful. Located along a nice little posh alley at South Beach, Fynn’s is run by talented local chef An, whose food Annette believes deserves lots of praise.

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Best of Both Worlds!

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When it comes to Mee Pok, there’s your usual bak chor mee or fishball mee, but have you ever experienced the joy of mee pok tah with yong tau fu? This week, our Makan Kaki & Dim Sum Dolly, Selena Tan reveals where you can enjoy the best of both worlds in one glorious bowl!

Selena’s favourite haunt is undoubtedly Tiong Bahru Market and of the many foodie gems there, this one stands out for its awesome combination of fishball noodles AND yong tau fu. Mee Pok Tah (dry) is the gold standard as far as Selena is concerned and the noodles here are served up with just the right amount of bounce & bite (QQ-ness!), along with your choice of the usual yong tau fu ingredients like fishballs, stuffed tau pok (bean curd), stuffed bittergourd and crunchy kang kong. If you’re like Selena, you’ll ask for extra chilli and vinegar for a flavour punch to your mee pok!


Hui Ji Fishball Noodles and Yong Tau Fu
Tiong Bahru Market Food Centre
Open Thursday-Tuesday, 7am-2pm
Closed on Wednesdays

Run to Ronin

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French Toast
French Toast

This week, our Makan Kaki Aun Koh is going out on a limb to share with you his favourite cafe, because this will upset a lot of his friends, who love this hidden gem with a passion. Ronin Cafe is also a favourite of Aun’s wife and 3-year-old son, who insists on a visit every weekend as a family. Aun himself can be found there 5 times a week minimum, having a quick coffee or lingering over a work meeting. Ronin is your typical hipster coffee joint in that it embodies that interesting, bohemian spirit, but let’s be clear that it’s not all style and no substance. The coffees are phenomenal, but definitely try their food, which is far from an after-thought – their menu is small, but really well-executed. Besides a selection of sandwiches, Aun really recommends you try their 2 breakfast items (which are available all day): French Toast & Scrambled Eggs, both of which he believes are the best in Singapore! These scrambled eggs are amazing – so fluffy and rich, thanks to lots of butter and cream, but not overcooked. If you’re a fan of the undercooked Aussie style of Scrambled Eggs King Bill Granger, these are the eggs for you! And you can order them with sides like avocado, bacon or sausage (the one below is lamb).

Scrambled eggs, lamb sausage
Fluffy, Buttery, Creamy – Best Scrambled Eggs in Town!

Then there’s lunch. Japanese Curry Rice fans, be warned this special is limited to only 12 portions per day and they go really fast. In fact, for all the time Aun spends at Ronin, he’s only been able to enjoy the Curry Rice ONCE! He tells a funny story of when he arrived one day, delighted to think he was just in time for a tasty portion, only to be told his wife had ordered the very last plate just before him! It really is delicious stuff, strictly first-come-first-served, no special treatment! Although if you start showing up often enough, the staff remember what you like without you having to tell them!

Japanese Curry Rice
Japanese Curry Rice – Only 12 Portions per day!

This is what Aun likes: Ronin’s signature coffee drink, Wicked, a decadent, addictive Mocha Mint drink you can have hot or iced.

Wicked (Mocha Mint)
Signature Drink – Wicked (Mocha Mint)

Want more? Aun waxes lyrical about Ronin Cafe, amongst other Singapore faves, for The Guardian here!

17 Hong Kong Street
Open Daily: 8am – 8pm
(be warned, this place is so hip, it has no signboard & no phone!)

Sunday Brunch at UNA

The season for gatherings, parties, friends, families and food is nearly upon us and this Sunday, why not celebrate the holiday season with an easy, breezy, big, brunchy affair at UNA? Makan Kaki Shermay Lee highly recommends the Spanish/ French/ Italian/ Mediterranean Brunch there – it’s absolutely delightful and yummy!
Located in the leafy, Colonial enclave of Rochester Park, UNA is a charming restaurant helmed by Jean-Philippe Patruno, who used to be head chef of wildly popular tapas bar Barrafina in London’s Soho. And now, the same delectable food that set London in a tizzy with snaking queues is available here in Singapore and in a beautiful environment.

Be prepared to eat. Go hungry. It’s gonna be really delicious, thanks to Chef Jean-Philippe’s impeccable technical skills and his ability to cook with real depth and honesty. Tapas and brunch foods may seem deceptively simple to make, but trust Shermay, to achieve this sort of flavour, a lot of experience and know-how is required!

A must-try is the Jamon croquetas (ham croquettes) – light, crispy, panko-coated with an oozy, creamy, piping-hot ham and bechamel interior. They are perfection and always a hit with adults and kids alike. Order lots! You’re gonna have to!

For a decadent treat, how ’bout the slow-cooked egg with smoked mash and summer truffles? Rich, over-the-top indulgence from the yolk, smokey potato and earthy truffle. If you like bread, you’ll love the roasted peppers on toast with spicy, fatty chorizo sausage and delicate quail eggs. Or go for one of their toasted sandwiches! If you want something even more substantial, the Spanish fry-up is hearty, filling and really hits the spot.

Leave room for dessert, especially their Churros! These deep-fried Spanish crullers are hard to find and even harder to do right, but UNA does! Light and crisp, not oily at all, but with enough firmness to bite, the Churros are tossed in cinnamon-sugar and come with a dark chocolate Valrhona dipping sauce.

There you have it, for a beautiful Brunch on Sunday, you really can’t go wrong with UNA @ One Rochester, where Chef Jean-Philippe Patruno serves up his home-styled cuisines from Spain, Italy and France, with a full selection of tapas, starters, mains and desserts, backed with a full bar, signature cocktails, with $48++ for free-flow cava and house wine.


1 Rochester Drive
Reservations: 6773 0070
Open: Mon – Sat 6-11pm
A la carte Mediterranean Brunch every Sunday from 11am to 4pm





Denise got a big surprise this morning when our Guru of Gluttony showed up unannounced bearing bags of breakfast bliss! He then proceeded to tempt all of us with his selection of “National Icons of Breakfast”.

What do Singapore’s best curry puffs and chwee kueh look like? Click this link for all the delicious details! You’ll also learn who was the originator of the giant triangular Indian Muslim “kari pap”.

With such a sweeping gesture of generosity, Seetoh proves once again he is a true foodie friend – he is indeed, a Makan Kaki!

Karipap Krazy!

Chwee Kueh Shiokness!