Deli Sarnies Done Right

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Hey Hey, Makan Kakis! Are you looking for great Deli-style sandwiches that are chock-a-block with decadent ingredients? This is one place that we’ve mentioned before but bears repeating because it really is that good! This week, our foodie friend Chef Tim Ross-Watson of PIXIEMOSS recommends chef-favourite, Park Bench Deli, for a Europrean-American sandwich in which you get more filling than bread, about 70% filling : 30% bread – talk about more bang for your buck! These guys don’t skimp at all. in fact, they sometimes cut out some of the bread so they can cram more luscious filling in! And what do they do with the excess bread? Cleverly make croutons for other dishes, of course!
So what’s good to eat? Just about everyone recommends the sinfully-delicious PBJ Sandwich, a massive sweet treat featuring 3 layers of overindulgence – picture this: 2 slices of bread flanking thick slatherings of peanut butter and jelly, with a centre layer of sweet corn bread, all of which is battered in cornflakes and pan-fried in butter! Crunchy, oozy, ridiculously delicious – this is a must-try!
If you want a savoury, main course type of sandwich, Chef Tim recommends the fried chicken katsu sandwich, which is juicy and crispy. You get a panko-crumbed chicken thigh, tonkatsu sauce, japanese cucumber, shredded cabbage and lashings of Japanese mayo – MMMM!  Try also the Vietnamese-inspired Bahn Mi sandwich, which is full of this porky goodness:
You get slabs of melt-in-your-mouth slow-braised pork belly in a pillowy French Baguette, along with lots of pickled julienned veg and coriander. Perfectly balanced flavours of fatty, piggy richness and crisp, tangy pickle. Soooo good!

179 Telok Ayer Street, Singapore, 068627
Opening Hours: Mon – Fri 10.30am – 10pm; closed 4  – 5pm;  Sat 10.30am – 4pm
Tel: +65 68154600


Balestier’s Best #3: Traditional Local Bakery

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This week, our Makan Kaki Shermay Lee returns with Part 3 of her Balestier guide to food and suggests strolling onwards from Lam Yeo Coffee Powder for something that goes great with coffee – baked goods!
Shermay confesses that prior to her research, this was a place she knows not actually by name, but by sight & smell! Just walk down Balestier road, turn left at Whampoa Drive and follow your nose to Ghee Leong, or Sing Hon Loong Bakery, as both its signboards testify. It is quite a sight to behold because it’s one of the few remaining traditional local bakeries in Singapore. From the cash register counter to the mosaic floors, Ghee Leong/ Sin Hon Loong is a charmingly authentic bakery captured in time.
burnt tops

Older workers in their shorts and slippers working in super-silent, super-efficient sync to produced loaf after loaf of freshly baked bread. Now, we’re talking about the distinctly old-school, traditional style bread with the high, burnt domes and the pillowy-soft insides. Honestly, you could stay and watch for ages as the uncles work tirelessly, turning out piping hot bread from searing tins to cool on the enormous mobile vertical racks, before dexterously slicing off the burnt bits and crusts with their trusty serrated knives.

IMG_0578 copy

Speaking of pillowy-soft bread, another fun thing you can do is get them to make you a sandwich to takeaway. The quinesstentially local white, crustless slices of bread are slathered with lots of Planta and either kaya or peanut butter – your choice!



IMG_0639Also available are crusty baguettes (jiam tao lor ti perfect for dipping into curry) and all manner of confections,like the savoury-sweet melba toasts, coconut & red bean buns.

Crispy Sugar Toast
Coconut Bun
Red Bean Bun


4 Whampoa Drive (just off Balestier Road)
Open 24 Hours
+65 62560878









Hamburgers with a Luscious Local Twist!

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HE’S BAAAAACK! With more awesome recommendations for unique local delights, there’s never a dull or untasty moment with Makan Guru KF Seetoh! This week, come with us to Upper Bukit Timah for a delicious & unusual hamburger – a BUAH KELUAK HAMBURGER! The brainchild of youngsters Ryan & Claire, they actually quit their jobs to start up this hambuger stall with no prior experience, because they believed so much in their product. And boy, does their product deliver in the taste department! Imagine if you will, that strange, earthy black nut usually used in chicken or pork curry – the buah keluak paste is extracted, mixed with spices, added to minced meat, shaped into patties and seared-to-order right before your eyes. The buah keluak meat patties are sandwiched between buns and topped with Nyonya chap chye! The combination of textures and flavours is incredible, so hurry to Beauty World for this hamburger with a luscious local twist!


Block 144 Upper Bukit Timah Road
Beauty World Centre
Open Tues – Sun: 12 pm to 8 pm (Closed on Monday)

Mini Pau

Home-make Pau Specialist

Table-sized Malaysian meat buns or  Shanghai-style Xiao Long Bao certainly have their merits, but for a little bite-sized bun of epic Singaporean proportions, the Guru of Gluttony says…

Mini Ling Yong Paus spiked with coffee – the brain-child of a young local pau-maker who learned under the tutelage of masters before breaking out on his own.

These tiny, fluffy, steamingly smooth pau are, in a word,  addictive. And because they’re so small, one pop, they’re gone! Which means you simply cannot stop at one. Paired with a hot cup of kopi, this is the perfect tea-time snack.

Homemade Pau
Blk 34, Cassia Crescent #01-86
(HDB Block behind Old Airport Road Market)
Open Daily : 7am – 6pm