Rendang Burger & Loaded Fries – A Special Collab

Hello there, Foodie Friends! This marks the first week of Singapore going into Phase 2 Heightened Alert. With dine-ins out of the picture for the next month, we continue our support of the local F&B community by offering up choices for takeaway and delivery. Our Makan Kaki Chef Shen Tan of private dining concept Ownself Make Chef & delivery-only food concept Thank Goodness It’s is back to tell us about her recent collaboration with the marvelous Wolf Burgers.



Don’t mind me, NOMNOMNOM…

Our Makan Kaki Chef Shen Tan is known for her twice steamed Nasi Lemak at Maxwell Food Centre, Wok & Barrel at Duxton Hill and for developing Mod-Sin dishes like Bak Chor Mee Pasta, Pulut Hitam Pudding and Shendol. No wonder she was a shoo-in for this partnership with Wolf Burgers, creating a massive, juicy burger, inspired by local flavours. 


Presenting… The WOLF Rendang Beef Burger and WOLF Rendang Loaded Fries ($16.90 for a set) till 30th May, while stocks last.

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FatFuku’s Favourite Burger


Hello Makan Kakis, in this season of Lent, some of you might be looking for meat-free food alternatives or perhaps for health and environmental reasons you’ve decided to cut down on your meat intake? No meat? No problem! Our Foodie Friend, Annette Tan of private dining experience FatFuku, recommends what she thinks are the best burgers (both meat & meat-free) in Singapore!

Omakase Burger is not a new burger joint, but it is Annette’s favourite. Recently, they launched their Impossible Burger, which uses an entirely Vegetarian patty that’s meat-like in every way but not made from animals. If nobody told you it’s not beef, you wouldn’t be able to tell – that’s how crazy-good this vegetarian burger at Omakase is! The anchor ingredient in the Impossible patties is called Heme – possibly short for hemoglobin – which gives the product a slight bloody, realistic, juicy look and nature. Except it’s not blood and it’s 100% Vegetarian. Looks, feels like the real thing, but truth be told, the only thing missing is that distinctive metallic taste of blood you get from a real beef product. In this burger though, you wouldn’t be able to tell.

Many other local restaurants have also introduced Impossible “meat” burgers to their menus, but Omakase have made theirs even better – they add  tomatoes, mushrooms & other secret ingredients to create a really luscious, meat-like patty. The flavours are really umami. Another unique thing they do with all their burgers Impossible and Beef ones, is they employ the smash technique.

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Of Burgers, Chicken Rice & Prawn Mee

Greetings, Makan Kakis! This week, our newest foodie friend is Moe Ibrahim, the founder & CEO of Deelish Brands, the restaurant management company that has brought Californian fast-casual chain Fatburger to Singapore.

As a hotelier and entrepreneur, he’s especially passionate about the quality of the ingredients and the service at Fatburger Singapore, so have a listen to what he has to say about their Fresh, Authentic & Tasty burgers here:

Originally from Jersey City, USA, Moe has had 20 years of living in Singapore to really get to know our local food and develop a love for chilli & spice.  A self-confessed East Coast boy, he has a couple of neighbourhood favourites to recommend:

First of all, the hawker classic that everybody loves, Chicken Rice! Moe loves the stall at the corner of Upper East Coast Road & Jalan Tua Kong – mainly because of the people there. The Uncle used to race cars and is a real character, while the Auntie always serves him extra chicken. To Moe, it’s all about the service and people putting in that extra touch.

Peking Roasted Chicken Rice
Soy Eu Tua Coffee Shop
15 Upper East Coast Rd, S(455207)
Open Daily: 9am – 7pm

Another favourite of Moe’s is the Prawn Mee along East Coast Road, which sees long queues all the time. He prefers having the dry version and with the smaller (not giant tiger) prawns because they have more flavour.

Beach Road Prawn Mee Eating House
370 East Coast Road, S(428981)
Open: 8am – 4pm (Closed Tuesdays)
Tel: +65 6345 7196



Patriotic Peranakan!



Happy National Day, Makan Kakis! In celebration of Singapore’s 53rd birthday, our foodie friend Chef, Author and Entrepreneur Shermay Lee is back with a tempting collaboration with the Conrad Singapore, featuring three of her specially created Peranakan dishes for their Buffet spread at Oscar’s. She is already well-known for her classic Peranakan cooking, based on her Grandmother’s hand-written heirloom recipes, but this time she has teamed up with Chef Alex Siah of Conrad Singapore to update and innovate their families’ culinary heritage. The result is Muar-style Otak-Otak (enriched with a passion fruit mayo and black tobiko) inspired by Chef Alex Siah’s Grandmother’s recipe and these three signature Peranakan dishes by Chef Shermay, prepared ala minute at Oscar’s live cooking stations to ensure freshness and quality:
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East Meets West: Burgers & Rice Bowls

Wagyu Burger meets Ayam Masak Merah Rice Bowl!

Listen to this week’s mouthwatering East-Meets-West episode!


Kampung Rice Bowls

This week, our Makan Kaki, Fatfuku’s Annette Tan, brings us the best of East meets West in one stall that started in the East Coast-Katong area, but has since moved to Beach Road. But the Katong-Kampung community spirit continues at its new venue, where its two owners, Silas & Desmond are passionate about supporting & fostering relationships with their fellow tenants and focused on serving up excellent comfort food made with fresh ingredients and a lot of heart. At Kampung Corner, we get Corner Burger & Kampung Bowl combined, serving up superb, yet affordable burgers, along with hearty rice bowls that are rich in South-east Asian flavours.

Beautifully burnished, crisp-on-the-outside, pillowy-on-the-inside Brioche Buns

Let’s start with the value-for-money burgers, which feature beautiful, buttery golden Brioche buns which are nice and toasty round the edges.

Annette’s favourite: Luncheon Meat Fried Egg burger!

In particular, Annette loves the Luncheon Meat & Egg Burger. You get a pair of crisp, fluffy buns, a slab of griddled luncheon meat, a fried egg with a jiggly centre and (honestly, negligible – come on, this is a fried luncheon meat and egg burger! Haha.) some lettuce and tomato. When you bite into this decadent burger, you get a mouthful of that salty, rich meat and the runny yolk, all combined for one of the most enjoyable things to eat for very little money!

Their Wagyu Burger, comprising an Australian Wagyu, Chuck & Sirloin patty, slicked with lemon mayo and melted Cheddar, is pretty awesome too – it’s as good as any burger you could get at any high-end joint and at only $13!

Tonkatsu Burger

You could also try their unusual Tonkatsu Burger seasoned with fermented Tofu (Fuyu) – it’s breaded, deep-fried, pungent, porky perfection!

As for their comforting rice bowls, these are packed with an array of South-east Asian ingredients and flavours. With the ubiquity of Japanese Rice Bowls and Poke Bowls, why not go local, right? Desmond uses some modern techniques like sous vide, which gives a luscious quality to the meats.

Beef Adobo in the making!

While their Ayam Masak Merah Rice Bowl is one impressive whole chicken leg drowning in rich red sauce, Annette is especially partial to the Beef Adobo Rice Bowl. She cannot recommend it enough!

The sticky-salty-sweet, decadent Beef Adobo Rice Bowl

Resting on a bed of rice, is meltingly soft meat, lacquered with this beautiful, shiny, sweet, salty gravy. And while Adobo is Filipino by culinary heritage, Singaporeans will find the flavours familar because of the soya sauce, cinnamon sticks and star anise used. It’s like an atas version of Tau You Bak (braised soy sauce pork belly), elevated by fresh corn & carrots, as well as a runny egg!

Pop by Shaw Towers for a taste of Kampung Corner, where not only do you get really delicious East-West dishes, but also, an encounter with a couple of guys who are truly passionate about what they do – stay a while, chat with them, ask them questions – they’ll be happy to tell you the stories behind their food.

KAMPUNG CORNER (Burgers & Rice Bowls)
100 Beach Road
#01-40 Shaw Towers
Singapore 189702
Open Daily: 12-8pm
Tel: +65 98274562

Deli Sarnies Done Right

Click here to listen to this week’s fresh-baked sandwich extravaganza!

Hey Hey, Makan Kakis! Are you looking for great Deli-style sandwiches that are chock-a-block with decadent ingredients? This is one place that we’ve mentioned before but bears repeating because it really is that good! This week, our foodie friend Chef Tim Ross-Watson of PIXIEMOSS recommends chef-favourite, Park Bench Deli, for a Europrean-American sandwich in which you get more filling than bread, about 70% filling : 30% bread – talk about more bang for your buck! These guys don’t skimp at all. in fact, they sometimes cut out some of the bread so they can cram more luscious filling in! And what do they do with the excess bread? Cleverly make croutons for other dishes, of course!
So what’s good to eat? Just about everyone recommends the sinfully-delicious PBJ Sandwich, a massive sweet treat featuring 3 layers of overindulgence – picture this: 2 slices of bread flanking thick slatherings of peanut butter and jelly, with a centre layer of sweet corn bread, all of which is battered in cornflakes and pan-fried in butter! Crunchy, oozy, ridiculously delicious – this is a must-try!
If you want a savoury, main course type of sandwich, Chef Tim recommends the fried chicken katsu sandwich, which is juicy and crispy. You get a panko-crumbed chicken thigh, tonkatsu sauce, japanese cucumber, shredded cabbage and lashings of Japanese mayo – MMMM!  Try also the Vietnamese-inspired Bahn Mi sandwich, which is full of this porky goodness:
You get slabs of melt-in-your-mouth slow-braised pork belly in a pillowy French Baguette, along with lots of pickled julienned veg and coriander. Perfectly balanced flavours of fatty, piggy richness and crisp, tangy pickle. Soooo good!

179 Telok Ayer Street, Singapore, 068627
Opening Hours: Mon – Fri 10.30am – 10pm; closed 4  – 5pm;  Sat 10.30am – 4pm
Tel: +65 68154600

Best of 2015 – Makan Kakis’ Top Ten List!

MAKANKAKISTOPTEN2015Hello Makan Kakis,

2015 has been such a delicious year and as we usher in a brand new year of eating, let’s take a look back at the makan places that really caught your attention & appetites! The following Top 10 list features a great variety of yummy hawker stalls, restaurants and dishes that grabbed the most views on our blog. Click on each for details & enjoy!

10. Tasty Teochew at Lee Kui
9. Luscious Burgers with a Buah Keluak twist!
8. Lor Mee with Crispy Battered Fish
7. Ayam Penyet Obama!
6. Killer Kway Chap
5. Outstanding Roasted Meats – Char Siew & Sio Bak
4. Local & International Buffet at a hidden Oasis
3. Nor’s Nasi Padang
2. Jaggi’s Northern Indian
1. Mee Rebus, Soto Ayam & Satay POWER!

Thank you so much for your support of our tasty little segment on Gold 905 and if you could, do help spread the word about Makan Kakis! Here’s to a hearty 2016 full of delicious things to eat! Season’s Eatings & HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Hamburgers with a Luscious Local Twist!

Audio for this week’s episode!


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HE’S BAAAAACK! With more awesome recommendations for unique local delights, there’s never a dull or untasty moment with Makan Guru KF Seetoh! This week, come with us to Upper Bukit Timah for a delicious & unusual hamburger – a BUAH KELUAK HAMBURGER! The brainchild of youngsters Ryan & Claire, they actually quit their jobs to start up this hambuger stall with no prior experience, because they believed so much in their product. And boy, does their product deliver in the taste department! Imagine if you will, that strange, earthy black nut usually used in chicken or pork curry – the buah keluak paste is extracted, mixed with spices, added to minced meat, shaped into patties and seared-to-order right before your eyes. The buah keluak meat patties are sandwiched between buns and topped with Nyonya chap chye! The combination of textures and flavours is incredible, so hurry to Beauty World for this hamburger with a luscious local twist!


Block 144 Upper Bukit Timah Road
Beauty World Centre
Open Tues – Sun: 12 pm to 8 pm (Closed on Monday)