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Greetings Gluttons! Brace your bellies because this week, we bring you a multi-course experience that’s filling, affordable and absolutely delicious. Add an affable, entertaining Japanese chef and you have a wonderful, leisurely night out! Our Makan Kaki Wendy Foo of Ryan’s Grocery recommends a place she loves and has been visiting for years, especially on date night with he husband. Matsuo Restaurant has an excellent omakase experience which you must try. Here’s a sample of what Chef Hiroyuki Matsuo might serve you and rest assured everything will be super-fresh and beautifully prepared.

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Special-Occasion Japanese Omakase

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Just in time for Mothers’ Day this Sunday, here’s a suggestion for a restaurant that will certainly pamper Mum in everyway – from the surroundings, to the service, to the food. Take our Makan Kaki, Chef Tim Ross-Watson‘s word for it – he’s proclaimed Hashida Japanese at Mandarin Gallery as one of, if not THE MOST, memorable meals. Chef Tim admits that he rarely says anything is amazing and is very picky, so trust him when he says this will be one of the most exquisite meals you’ll have. It’s definitely fine-dining, special occasion food, but so worth the money you pay for the quality of the entire experience.

Hashida is an Omakase restaurant and the first to be opened outside of its original home in Tokyo, headed by Master Sushi Chef, Tokio Hashida. Chef Hashida makes regular trips to oversee his restaurant here in Singapore, and if you’re lucky enough as Chef Tim was to have him serve you, you’re in for a sublime treat! Chef Tim’s most distinct memory of his meal at Hashida is when Chef Hashida pulled out the most enormous slab of the freshest Tuna Belly (or Otoro) from under his counter and expertly extracted a huge slice (almost as big as his mobile phone!), which he then gently laid on a tiny ball of sushi rice. These are fish-to-rice ratios that Chef Tim was impressed with. Otoro is the premium part of the tuna belly, fatty and melt-in-your-mouth, looking almost like a slab of marbled beef. Lots of white, with hints of pink. Stunning. This Hashida Sushi Signature is a must-try! Everything is exquisite to look at and taste, yet clean and simple. Even something as basic as Chawanmushi (steamed egg tofu) is elevated.

From start to finish, you will be well-taken care of at Hashida. The interiors are calming, zen and very pristine. The counter seats are comfortable and at just the right height , the service is impeccable and of course, the food outstanding. The Omakase menu changes seasonally, but rest assured you get the very best quality of produce and dish after dish of beautiful food that runs the gamut from sashimi to sushi to noodles, shellfish and meat, all washed down with copious amounts of sake!

Dinners are elaborate and luxurious, but if you prefer, lunch is also a lot of fun, as the chefs engage in a lot of banter with customers for a thoroughly enjoyable, lively experience.

333A Orchard Road
#04-16 Mandarin Gallery

Open Tues – Sunday 12-3pm; 7-10pm (Closed Mondays)

Tel: 6733 2114

Putting the Tori in Yakitori

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Yakitori Don (Grilled Chicken on Rice)

There’s nothing quite like the smoky-charred flavour of grilled meats treated with respect and skill, except maybe fresh seafood done the Japanese way and this week, our Makan Kaki Chef Anthony Yeoh recommends a restaurant that combines the best of both worlds.

Chef Asai is the affable grill master of Bincho, a tiny little Japanese Yakitori joint in Tiong Bahru. Literally a hole in the wall, you enter through the coppery back door that it takes you into the bar area, which is decked out in metals, so it’s like being in a submarine. The story goes that the mee pok man running his stall was looking to retire, give way to the setting up of Bincho and simply collect rent from that enterprise, but there was a certain amount of backlash about the gentrifying of Tiong Bahru and edging out of old businesses, so they hit upon a more collaborative idea. Mee Pok man came out of retirement to serve his beloved noodles at lunchtime, whilst Bincho operates side-by-side.

Ultimately, what you get from Bincho at Hua Bee is the unique look and ambiance of a 70-year old traditional kopitiam featuring said old school mee pok stall, classic coffee & kaya toast, classic marble tables with wooden chairs PLUS the modern open-concept yakitori bar with playful Japanese-inspired cocktails as well as Japanese whiskies, sake and shochu.

Bincho serves up wonderful lunchtime Donburi sets ranging from $25++ that includes appetizers, salad, pickles, karage, soup and dessert. Chef Anthony recommends the Uni Ikura Donburi set – it’s luxurious, super-fresh and so delicious.

uni ikura don
Uni Ikura Don

For dinner, there are three types of set menus but be sure to order off the à la carte menu for some extra tasty specialities.

Full Dinner Set with chicken
Side dishes from Dinner Set








The menus at Bincho change frequently depending on what fresh produce is available that day, but chicken in various ways, shapes and forms will always remain the star of the kitchen (that’s where the tori in yakitori comes in!). In fact, if you’re feeling adventurous, don’t miss out on the cock’s comb – gelatinous & soft in texture, it’s a delicacy that Chef Asai does exceptionally well!

Cock’s Comb!

Other smoking-hot favourites include Yakitori shio: grilled parts of chicken served with three types of condiments – yuzukoshō, freshly grated wasabi and mushroom salt an Yakitori tare: Grilled chicken parts dipped into a homemade sauce and served with Japanese mustard, wholegrain mustard and kuro shichimi ‘Black Japanese Seven Spice’.

TOP: Yakitori shio; BOTTOM: Yakitori tare

But do save room for the tsukune, which is essentially a chicken meatball/ patty that is grilled to juicy, tender perfection and made even more delicious with its crowning glory – a raw quail egg cracked right on top!

Tsukune Chicken Meatball

Bincho at Hua Bee
78 Moh Guan Terrace (Tiong Bahru)
Singapore 162078
Tel: +65 6438 4567
Opening Hours:
Tuesday – Sundays: 12pm – 3.00pm
Tuesdays – Sundays: 6pm till late
(Closed Mondays)

Get your Sake, Sushi & Chirashi here!

daniel tay & denise tan
New Makan Kaki Chef Daniel Tay & Denise

Introducing another super-qualified, super-friendly, super Foodie! This week, our new Makan Kaki is a French pâtissier by training and was the creative force behind popular bakery chain, Bakerzin.

Chef Daniel Tay is an established F&B entrepreneur with three creative concepts under his belt – Foodgnostic, a state-of-the-art food solutions company; catandthefiddle.com, a cheesecake specialist; and oldsengchoong.com, a revival of his parents’ old confectionery, specialising in traditional treats such as Chinese yam cake, rum balls and apple pie.

Here’s what Chef Daniel Tay is all about – simple, honest, natural flavours and food that is cooked well, no gimmicks, no fanciful adornments. He’s not into big name brands or molecular gastronomy, but isn’t opposed to trying new things, but ultimately, he still comes back to basic, tasty, simply prepared food.


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Bara Chirashi

Today, Chef Daniel tantalises us with his favourite Japanese restaurant – a place he always heads to when he’s in need of a pick-me-up. His friend, down-to-earth Sushi Chef Edwin, is a local with some serious Japanese knife skills. When we talk about sushi, the most basic given is that the fish is exquisite, super-fresh, deep in flavour yet clean tasting. You’ll get all that at YOYOGI  SUSHI SAKE BAR!

Chef Daniel adores their lunch specials, because not only are they great value for money, but of course, the food is tasty and the service is good. He recommends you order, over everything else on the menu, the Bara Chirashi. It’s beautifully prepared & presented in a gorgeous bowl, a true colourful feast for the eyes and your tastebuds! Delicious morsels of seafood sashimi layered over perfect seasoned rice – so simple, so delicious, so comforting! You’ve got to try it!

Yoyogi Sushi Sake Bar
200 Turf Club Road
The Grandstand
Open: Tue – Sun: 12:00 – 14:30 (lunch), 18:30 – 22:30 (dinner)
Closed: Mon
Tel: +65 64688826

Where Sommeliers Eat: Gerri Sottile of Mykonos on the Bay

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This week, Sommelier & General Manager of Mykonos on the Bay, Gerri Sottile, shares some of his favourite places to eat in Singapore…

via https://www.facebook.com/bluelotusrestaurant/

Blue Lotus – Chinese Eating House
31 Ocean Way (Sentosa)
This neighbouring restaurant has been making a splash at Quayside Isle on Sentosa and Gerri is not the only one raving about their signature Chilli Crab. Now, he understands Chilli Crab can be a point of contention for lovers of this beloved local dish, and while he can’t cook it, he has sampled many chilli crabs at many different restaurants and The Blue Lotus’ gets his seal of approval because it is unique. This Chilli Crab is a fresh take on a classic with a slightly different taste from what you would expect, probably because the recipe has been tweaked and modern fusion elements added for a really delicious, satisfying dish that isn’t blow-your-head-off-spicy!
#01-13 Quayside Isle
Reservations: 6339 0880

Fish head Curry

The Banana Leaf Apolo
This classic restaurant has been around for years and Gerri adores it for its traditional serving on Banana leaf, something he had never seen before in Europe, and also the wide variety of both Northern & Southern Indian dishes. He especially l;oves the different curries and Tandoori chicken.
54 Race Course Rd, Singapore 218564
Email : enquiry@thebananaleafapolo.com
Phone Number : +65 6293 8682

shinji2 shinji1

Shinji by Kanaseka
This is possibly one of the most renowned names for Japanese cuisine in Singapore and Gerri frequents either branch for super fresh fish, excellent cuts and expertly handled. He recommends sitting at the bar and giving the chef the go ahead to take care of you. You won’t be disappointed!
Raffles Hotel
Reservations: +65 6338 6131
St Regis Hotel
T: +65 6884 8239

Where Chefs Eat: Mauro Muroni of the Mangiatutto Group of Restaurants


Listen to this week’s Makan Kakis talk about their Greek restaurant at Sentosa’s Quayside Isle, Mykonos here.
Listen to Executive Chef Mauro Muroni of the Mangiatutto Group of Restaurants talk about some of his favourite places to eat in Singapore!

Denise with (L) GM Gerri Sottile & (R) Executive Chef Mauro Muroni

Here are some of Mauro’s favourite places to eat in Singapore – obviously as an Italian in the East, he’s more inclined to rave over Asian cuisine, as seen from his choices. It’s all about Japanese, Indian & Chinese cuisine for him!

syunsushiSYUN-codSONY DSC

If you’re ever at Resorts World, you’ve got to try Syun, which is Japanese fine dining at its best, especially if you want some of the freshest sashimi & sushi from their dedicated sushi bar! Click here for more on Syun!


A neighbour to Chef Mauro’s restaurant Mykonos at Quayside Isle is this great place for curries, tandoori and other spicy Indian delicacies. Click here for more on the Earl of Hindh!

signature_dynasty_xiao_long_baola-mian-in-poached-marbled-beef-in-szechuan-style la-mian-with-braised-pork-belly-in-signature-pork-bone-soup

Finally, when he wants a noodle & dumpling fix, Chef Mauro heads to Ion Orchard’s Paradise Dynasty for their famed 8 treaure xiao long bao & soupy noodles. Click here for more on Paradise Dynasty!

Super Secret Japanese is no Secret Anymore!

Meii sashimi

This week, Seetoh reveals a japanese joint he has mentioned before – a highly secretive locally -born, Japan-trained chef who used to run a tiny restaurant that was only open to regulars. But now, said chef has moved and opened a new place in the heart of the CBD, where you are free to enter and taste of his amazingly fresh and tasty creations.

Chef Ah Hong trained – blood, sweat, tears – enduring 13 years of sahimi/ sushi training from Japanese masters before returning to Singapore with a mission to feed people good Japanese food at reasonable prices. So while a meal at his tiny 16-seater restaurant may set you back a couple of hundred bucks, you would have eaten your fill, had your mind blown and paid a lot less than you would at other chi-chi Japanese restaurants.

Generally, you leave things up to Chef and he’ll surprise you – from his light and wonderfully crispy wild yam chips, to his otoro (fatty tuna belly) sashimi prepared chunky fisherman/ kampung-style, to his sushi creations like hand rolls that look like uni (sweet, creamy, sinfully-rich sea urchin) ice-cream cones, to more exotic fare like whole tuna eyes ( they look like tennis balls!) stewed in a umami stock of soy, onions and other secret ingredients – everything is hearty, tasty and down-to-earth.  Just go and be wowed by his creativity, as you eat in a simple, no-frills setting – the focus is 100% on the food here!

Meii Sushi
10 Anson Road
International Plaza
Open for lunch and dinner: Mon-Fri 11:30am-2:30pm, Mon-Sat 6-10pm
Closed Sundays & Public Holidays

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