Nasi Jenganan & Rawon!  

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This week sees the return of our Makan Kaki, Batik Fashion fashion designer, avid home cook & rice-mad “Nasi Girl”, Oniatta Effendi. There’s not a day that she doesn’t eat rice, so really, you should trust her when she says this makan place that specializes in two unusual rice dishes is SO GOOD! Have you heard of Nasi Jenganan or Nasi Rawon? Frequent customers to Bedok Corner Food Centre may be familiar with these complete plate meals, but Denise confesses to never having heard of them till now. And after a trek to the East to try Oniatta’s recommendation, you have a convert in Denise.

Here’s why:

Both dishes come with the same ingredients – steaming hot rice, Paru (fried beef lung), Begedil & Sambal Sotong. The difference is in the wonderfully aromatic and tasty gravies poured over each rice dish.

For Nasi Jenganan (which is only available on Sundays), the gravy is a thick, peanut sauce with a spicy chilli kick that’s not too sweet. So deliciously rich and nutty, it smothers a serving of boiled kang kong, bean sprouts and fried bean curd. Everything mixed together is a wonderful experience of textures and spicy-savoury-sweet flavours.

The Paru is delightfully crisp & springy, yet tender, with a hint of that beefy, metallic offal flavour (but not unpleasantly so). The squid is soft and yielding having been simmered in a sweet and spicy sambal.

The Begedil is outstanding here, as it is cooked to order and arrives on your plate fresh out of the kwali, hot and crispy on the outside, meltingly soft and creamy on the inside.

As for the Nasi Rawon, the gravy is an earthy sauce made from Buah Keluak! The bitter-sweet, pleasingly muddy flavour of this nut is cooked with beef shin, seasoned & sweetened, then poured liberally over the rice plate, till every ingredient is bathed in the liquid black gold!

Chunks of meaty beef shin soaked in the Rawon sauce dot the plate & with the addition of a mind-blowing sambal chilli that’s salty & tangy, you have the perfect balance for the sweet, earthy Rawon gravy.

The rice is topped off with crispy, sweet and spicy Serunding, which takes the entire plate just over the top!

Satay Solo also serves classics like Satay, Ayam Penyet as well as Mee Soto, but truly, it’s their Nasi Jenganan & Rawon you should try. Just remember the Nasi Jenganan is served exclusively on Sundays only and Satay Solo sees long queues from as early as 8am. But thankfully when we went on Sunday at 12.30pm, we still managed to get 2 plates of Nasi Jenganan despite the queue! While you’re at Bedok Corner Food Centre, Oniatta also recommends the Chang Tng stall for an icy dessert to complete your meal!

1 Bedok Road, Bedok Corner Food Centre (opposite Bedok Army Camp)
Stall No. 9, Singapore 469572
Open 7am – 10pm (Tues – Sun, closed Mon)
Tel: +65 97110116


Nasi Nasi Very Nice!

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Oniatta Effendi, our gregarious foodie friend, gets even more animated when she talks about Nasi Padang because she is, as we have previously discovered, a self-confessed “Nasi Girl” – she has to have rice with every meal, including breakfast! As early as 7am, Oniatta can be found up and ready for a steaming hot plate of Nasi Padang from her favourite place in Singapore. Warong Pariaman has a very special place in her heart because this is where she met her husband Nizam and its also her favourite because of the nostalgia factor – shes been eating there with her family since she was a young child.

Warong Nasi Pariaman has its beginning back in 1948 as a family-run corner coffeeshop at Kandahar Street. For the uninitaited, Nasi Padang hails from West Sumatra in Indonesdia and Pariaman is the name of a city there. Essentially, you get hot, fluffy white rice that is paired with a variety of dishes, sides and condiments. If you enjoy rich flavours of coconut, chilli, lime, lemongrass and lengkuas (galangal), then you’ll love Nasi Padang!

Oniatta recommends their signature dish of Ayam Bakar (see above: barbequed chicken in a mild coconut-spiced gravy). She calls this one of their “hard core” dishes, along with Rendang Daging (beef (simmered in chilli, spices and coconut milk), Ikan Bakar (charcoal-grilled fish marinated in tamarind sauce, slathered in a sweet black soya sauce with fresh onion, green chilli and lime) and Sambal Goreng (fried long beans, beancurd & tempeh), but you’ll probably have to wait till about 10am for these to be ready for eating!

But early-riser Oniatta has simple tastes, when she gets there at 7.30/8am she is very satisfied with their delicious Ayam Gulai as well as Sotong.

If you’re wondering, Gulai is a rich and spicy Indonesian curry-like sauce paired with poultry, beef, mutton, offal, & seafood, as well as fruits and vegetables unripe jackfruit & cassava leaves. Gulai is packed with spices like coriander, black pepper, galangal, ginger, chilli pepper, shallot, garlic, fennel, lemongrass, cinnamon, caraway and turmeric (which gives it its vivid, deep yellow colour), all of which are ground into a paste and cooked in coconut milk with the meats, seafood or veggies. Piled on a heaping plate of hot rice, washed down with a bracing cup of teh, this is a breakfast that hits the spot for her!

Breakfast not your thing? No worries! Warong Pariaman is open all day for lunch and dinner too. With such a wide and varied menu, youll be spoilt for choice from one of Singapores oldest Nasi Padang institutions!

736/738 North Bridge Road Singapore 198704 (Behind Sultan Mosque)
Open Daily: 7:30am – 8:00pm
Tel:+65 62922374 / +65 62925958

Paru in Your Padang


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We have a new Makan Kaki to introduce to you this week! Please meet hotelier and restaurateur Loh Lik Peng, the man behind the Unlisted Collection brand of hotels and restaurants. No stranger to Singapore’s F&B scene, he’s also currently one of the judges on Mediacorp’s online culinary competition, Eat List Star. His many restaurants offer up all manner of cuisines, but on a personal level, Peng’s all-time favourite food is very local, very delicious, very spicy and very varied. He absolutely loves Nasi Padang above all else and today, he shares with us his regular haunt.

Quite the favourite of many restaurateurs, Peng picks Yanti Authentic Nasi Padang as the place for Nasi Padang (Indonesian-style rice with dishes) for several reasons. Besides being conveniently located along Keong Saik Road, near his Hotel 1929 and restaurants Ember, Burnt Ends and Esquina, Yanti serves up two of his must-have dishes – Sotong Hitam, or the black ink squid and a rare find these days, Paru, or the cow lung. But the array of dishes on offer is simply staggering and you’ll be spoilt for choice. From begedil to ayam goreng to sambal udang, there’s a lot to take in…  
Yanti sees a steady stream of customers at lunch and dinner, many of whom are regulars. Why do people keep going back? Everything tastes really good, is well-prepared with quality ingredients (the spices, in particular, are imported from Indonesia for that authentic flavour), and while can cost more than others, is definitely worth a visit!

45 Keong Saik Road, S(089149)
Tel: +65 63249268
Open Daily: 8am – 10pm

Denise with new Makan Kaki & Eat List Star Judge Loh Lik Peng

Nor’s Nasi Padang

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Our Katong Boy & resident Hot Dog Guy Kelly Koh is back this week and taking us back to his home turf with his favourite place for the food he grew up with, the flavours he knows and loves – Nasi Padang. Specifically, Nor’s Nasi Padang at the famous Soy Eu Tua Coffeeshop along East Coast Road.
photo 2 (2)
photo 4
Kelly tells the story of how he first discovered Nor’s. In true Singapore style, the long queue caught his attention and after checking the spread out and seeing the begedil, he knew he had to get in line for some of that deep-fried potato goodness. Since then, he has never looked back and he goes at least once a fortnight for his Nasi Padang fix.
The begedil alone are worth the trip because they are plump, packed with flavour, but Kelly also recommends the curry chicken, udang (prawn) and the sayur lemak (coconut-curried veggies)to eat with the rice. He also appreciates how friendly the guy there is – He always has a cheerful greeting for you. It’s great to eat at a place that’s not part of a faceless machine, but one with heart & soul and that warm way of making that meal all the better.

Nor’s Nasi Padang
Soy Eu Tua Coffeeshop
15 East Coast Road (corner of Jalan Tua Kong)
Tel: +65 64421485
Open Tues – Sun for breakfast & lunch – get there early, begedil is usually sold out before 12 noon!

Best Nasi Padang

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Our Makan Kaki Violet Oon fondly remembers her father taking her to a place at the corner of East Coast & Ceylon Roads for Nasi Melayu every Sunday as a child and while that stall is no longer around, Nasi remains a sentimental favourite of Violet’s.

rumah makan minang
Some of Violet’s favourite dishes (all pictures via

These days, when the craving strikes, she heads straight for Rumah Makan Minang opposite Sultan Mosque, operated by the daughter of the original famous Sabar Menanti. It has a great atmosphere, not to mention view, and serves up very authentic Padang-style Nasi, especially unusual dishes you won’t find elsewhere, like spicy Nanka fruit to keep things interesting. Amongst the vast variety of dishes at Rumah Makan Minang, Violet recommends the Sayur Lodeh, sweet potato leaves and the nanka curry. Sambal Goreng is also a must – deep fried tempeh, tau kwa and French beans in a spicy coconut milk coating. One the dishes they’re famous for is the Ikan Bakar – BBQ fish with simple lime juice & soy sauce with chilli on side. And there’s also the spicy-sweet, tender beef rendang. Finally, round off your Nasi Padang meal sweetly with their selection of traditional kuehs.

18 & 18A Kandahar Street
Open Daily:
• Mon – Fri 7am – 8pm
• Sat – Sun 7am – 5pm
(Closed on Hari Raya Puasa & Hari Raya Haji)
Tel: 62944805