STAY HOME & EAT – Fuss-free DIY French Feast


Our Makan Kaki Chef Anthony Yeoh (of Summer Hill French Bistro in Sunset Way) returns after a long hiatus to catch up and fill us in on how it’s been for local F&B establishments facing the challenges brought on by Covid-19. With Phase 2 beginning tomorrow and dine-in options at restaurants finally back, he shares with us how we can, as customers, help local F&B revive and recover (have a listen to our podcast – link is above). 

Also, I had the joy of testing out Summer Hill’s DIY Eats and “cooking” for my family recently. I use inverted commas because while I indeed produced an impressive feast that looked and tasted good, I did none of the heavy-lifting! Everything has been fully cooked by the Summer Hill team, all you need to do is simple reheating. It’s what Chef Anthony calls quality comfort for everyone. The DIY Eats menu is available in Single serves & Family serves to fit all occasions. Case in point, Father’s Day this Sunday 21 June!

Thanks to the team at Summer Hill, all the back-breaking, time-consuming prep & expert cooking has been done. A beautiful box packed with all the prepared food neatly vacuum sealed, along with precise instructions was delivered to my doorstep (you can also opt to do a pick up at the restaurant).

My family and I tucked into a fancy French feast of Kurobuta pork collar, wagyu beef Provençale stew & Summer Hill’s signature roast chicken. All were Single Serve orders, but these 3 choices fed 4 of us comfortably, which is to me, great value for money for good quality food.

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STAY HOME & EAT – Charcoal-Roasted Meats

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As we count down to the easing of the circuit breaker, how about a charcoal roasted meat feast? This week, have a gorgeously smokey set meal from RV Roasted Delight delivered straight to your doorstep at a reasonable price! Their meal sets for three to 8 people range from $21.80 to $71.80 and set meals for two range from $18.80 – 20.80, which is the one I chose. Package C for 2 consists of ¼ roast duck (upper quarter – which means I got a lovely juicy leg, breast meat and a little rib meat), plus an extra choice of 2 meats – choose from roast duck, chicken, char siew, roasted crispy pork belly or sausage. I went with the classic combo of roasted pork and char siew. White rice and oyster sauce vegetable with fried shallot rounded off the meal.

The roasted duck, in my opinion was the clear winner – really beautifully seasoned, with quite a refined taste that wasn’t too game-y or overpowering.

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Order the Porridge at this Duck Place!

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Greetings Greedies! This week, our Makan Kaki Chef Ming Tan of JAM @ Siri House returns with one of his most favourite dishes of all time. So where can we find the best Cantonese Pei Dan Chok (Century Egg Porridge) in Chef Ming’s opinion? Surprisingly, at any of the Imperial Treasure outlets! This Singapore success story in F & B really excels in the most basic and simplest of things and if they’ve got that right, you know everything else delicious will follow. Specifically, Chef Ming is drawn to the transcendental porridge lovingly and painstakingly created by the chefs at Paragon’s Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck. Yes, it’s funny one would go to a Peking Duck restaurant for pork and egg porridge, but trust him, it’s really really good! But before we get to that, of course their Peking duck is fantastic, as are their roast meats. And there are 2 other dishes Chef Ming wants to highlight.

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Kway Chap: Year of the Pig with a Little Duck Thrown In!

Greetings & Salutations, Greedies! Happy New Year and we’re back after a teensy hiatus, just in time to welcome a returning Foodie Friend who can always be counted on to bring us new & unusual makan recommendations. Since we last talked food with Chef Shen Tan, she has embarked on a wildly popular private home dining supper series, cheekily called OWNSELF MAKE CHEF, featuring quality ingredients and ingenious riffs on familiar, local dishes. What you get is South East Asian flavours you’ll recognise, but elevated and no less delicious – sop buntut with Wagyu beef or twice steamed Nasi Lemak with grilled King prawn and lard sambal, anyone? With 13 (and counting) specially curated themed menus, Chef Shen’s culinary creativity is on the up and up! She even offers cooking classes now (fully booked till March, but hey, book now and you can get a class in April!), so that you can eat and learn how to make her bold style of food.



And of course when Chef Shen isn’t busy cooking up a storm for her guests, she’s out and about discovering new makan obsessions to share with us, one of which is a Teochew braised duck that she absolutely adores. Melvin is a second generation hawker who is carrying on his father’s legacy with this stall at Chinatown Complex. His mother still helps him and business is brisk because they serve really delicious food!

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Late-Night Chinese Food

Meet our new Makan Kaki, Jake Kellie! He’s the award-winning Head Chef of Burnt Ends, a modern Australian barbecue restaurant just off Keong Saik Road and he’s also representing Singapore at Western Australia’s festival of food and wine, the Margaret River Gourmet Escape (November 16-18). He’s bringing his Burnt Ends barbeque skills to the Feast in the Forest event at the gorgeous Leeuwin Estate, where he’ll be cooking Wagyu beef and Octopus en papillote, amongst other delicious things. The highlight of this feast has got to be the 5m long grill pit, so have a listen to Chef Jake talk about his headlining fiery, smoky feast here.



In what has become a late-saturday-night ritual, Chef Jake and the rest of the Burnt Ends Kitchen crew make it a point to unwind after service at this casual Chinese eatery which is a stone’s throw from where they work. Dong Fang Mei Shi (东方美食), or Oriental Chinese Restaurant, is a wildly popular  Northeastern & Sichuan Chinese restaurant that sees brisk business in the heart of Chinatown and it is the perfect place for hungry chefs at the end of a long day, because the food is hearty, tasty, reasonably priced and the place is open till 7am!

Chef Jake’s absolute favourite thing to order is the Pork Rib with Eggplant – a piquant, saucy dish that marries crispy chunks of pork rib with tender eggplant that has soaked up all the flavour from the tasty, spicy, sticky, savoury gravy. Chef Jake likes to get some man tou to run through the dish, mopping up all those delightful juices.

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Unbeatable Kampung Chicken Rice

Greetings, Makan Kakis, we start 2018 with a brand new foodie friend, one who’s no stranger to the F&B business, having successfully started his own Chinese casual dining restaurant that broke even within 3 months of its opening, probably due to their signature recipe for saucy, succulent Char Siew (which you can see and read about here). Please meet Anthony Ung of CHAR Restaurant

CHAR Restaurant first appeared on the dining scene in Singapore in 2014 when it was launched by Vietnam-born, Birmingham-UK-raised Anthony & his brother Alvin, a chef by profession. With his 30 years of experience working in Chinese restaurants in Birmingham from dishwasher to head chef in traditional Chinese cooking, Alvin’s culinary expertise combined perfectly with Anthony’s meticulous science and IT background & passion for experimenting with Western food preparation techniques on Asian ingredients and produce. They definitely hit on a winning formula and after a wildly successful run at their original location along Guillemard Road, Anthony and his Singaporean Wife are delighted to have moved CHAR to a bigger, brighter space along Jalan Besar.

Click here to listen to Anthony’s story about fleeing Vietnam to the UK and how Char got started in Singapore
Click here to listen to Anthony’s culinary influences, childhood food memories and why he loves Chicken Rice
Click here to listen to Anthony’s recommendation for his favourite Chicken Rice in Singapore


Anthony professes an obsession with our local Chicken Rice, which he ate everyday for 3 months when he first moved to Singapore, leading to a 5 kg weight gain, which also means he’s eaten his way through many plates, many brands and many types to arrive at the conclusion that this is HIS FAVOURITE Chicken Rice and in his humble opinion, THE BEST in Singapore.

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Creature Comforts – Inspired Heritage Food

Click here to catch up with KF Seetoh and what he’s been up too, including details on the latest on his ultimate food guide, Makansutra 2017 edition!
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Our very first Makan Kaki, KF Seetoh is back! He’s got 5 copies of the latest edition of Makansutra for you to win and you can go straight to Gold 905’s FB page to enter our contest! For today, let’s talk Asian Heritage food that’s creative, beautifully presented and completely delicious! Seetoh loves meeting people who love and embrace their culinary heritage and move forward using that history to create amazing meals. Case in point, CreatureS, which serves up “comfort food with an Asian flair while staying true to the origins of the dish”. Check out some of Seetoh’s favourites from this little restaurant dishing out big flavours on colourful Desker Road in Little India:

cod-and-nasi-ulamNasi Ulam balls with Miso Cod. Nasi Ulam, in particular, is such a labour of love, involving rice cooked in rich fish stock and perfumed with lots of finely chopped Asian herbs. CreatureS does theirs Japanese onigiri-style and they are WONDERFUL!

lamb-shank-rendangLamb Shank Rendang. Spicy, rich and fall-apart-fork-tender, add a little lontong and you’re in meaty heaven!

babi-gulingCreatureS’ version of Balinese Babi Guling is another winner, as is their Nyonya-inspired Babi Pongtay, of which the pork belly is outstanding – a deep, burnished soy-brown, the babi is caramelised soft and is absolutely delicious.

babi-pongtayDurian Lovers, you’re gonna combust when you check this dessert out…

durian-cake-2CreatureS’ Durian Cake sounds very simple, but trust us, it is so layered in favour, you’ll want to eat the whole cake, not just a slice.

durian-cake-1Can you imagine smooth Mao Shan Wang durian paste (pungent, unctuous durian meat mixed with cream) layered between soft pandan sponge cake and smothered in pandan-vanilla chantilly cream? They make it a mind-blowing reality at CreatureS and it is a definite must-try!

If it’s yummy, satisfying, Asian-inspired food that stays true to its heritage, this is the place to eat at. Bonus is, CreatureS have got what it takes in both the style and substance departments – skillfully-made, delicious food that still looks great, is beautifully presented and totally instagrammable!

120 Desker Road, Singapore 209639

Tel: 6291 6996

Opening Hours:
Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday / Sunday: 12.00 noon –10.30 p.m.
Friday / Saturday: 12.00 noon –11.30 p.m.
Closed on Mondays.





Really Outstanding Roasted Meats

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If you’re looking for really good roasted meats done traditionally by a guy who absolutely knows what he’s doing, you have got to try Yee Kee in the Bukit Merah/ Redhill area. For Char Siew, Sio Bak, Roasted Duck and all things beautifully burnished and carnivorously charred, this is our Makan Kaki Lee Chin Sin‘s go-to stall!

Why is it Chin Sin’s first choice for roasted meats? First of all, all dishes come with a serving of salted vegetable soup, which is a delightful foil to the rich, fatty meats.

Secondly, the uncle manning the stall, when he’s not too busy dealing with his streams of customers, is friendly and refreshingly candid. Case in point – when asked which is the best part of the duck to order, rather than recommend the more expensive thigh meat, he advised Chin Sin to go for a cheaper, but much tastier part, in his opinion. By the way, that part is just adjacent to the thigh, kind of the duck version of chicken oysters.

While we’re on the meats, everything here is done simply but so skillfully and deliciously. You really can’t go wrong ordering their Roasted Duck or Sio Bak (both pictured). The Sio Bak, in particular, is outstanding. Tender meat and a delightfully crisp crackling, as you can see in the picture!

Yee Kee Specialist Roasted Duck
Add: Blk 148, Silat Avenue (Jalan Bukit Merah), #01-14
Tel: +65 96977083

P.S. Last chance to try this marvelous Old School stall, if this is to be believed! Yee Kee is shutting for good at the end of this month?!