STAY HOME & EAT – Thai Stewed Beef Boat Noodles & More!

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This circuit breaker season, as we all continue to stay home, I’m hunting down delicious food you can order in easily with a budget of around $20 including delivery fee & enough to feed 2 – 4 people. This week, I recommend a stall called Yuan at Ghim Moh Market that specialises in Thai stewed beef noodles. I went straight for their recommended signature beef combination boat noodles.

stewed beef noodles still in their delivery container

At just $8 for a hugely generous portion, you get a choice of thin or thick bee hoon, kway teow or tang hoon. I went with the latter and it was a wonderful choice. The food was delivered still hot, with the beef broth packed separately to prevent sogginess. The tang hoon, or glass vermicelli, travelled well and arrived slippery-smooth yet springy. And I was pleasantly surprised to discover that it wasn’t plain, but rather, seasoned and stir fried – good enough to eat dry on its own.

stewed beef noodles in my serving bowl – presentation is key!

The great thing about a soupy dish is you can always reheat the broth for a piping hot meal. Pouring the hot soup over, I was rewarded with the mouthwatering mingling of rich beef broth, naturally sweetened with onion, dark soya sauce and spices. The soup was slightly herbal in flavour, which combined well with the garnish of  fragrant fried garlic, bean sprouts, shallots and spring onion. Topping it all off was a combo of tender stewed beef shank, lip-smackingly soft beef tendon, as well as slices of beef (beef balls are usually included, but due to Covid-19 affecting supplies, these are temporarily out of stock). Thai gun powder, or chilli flakes, is a must for added kick and I even mixed in a whole container of their chilli sauce which was awesome. Chillies and vinegar perfectly balanced heat, saltiness, sourness and a touch of sweetness to really brighten the whole bowl of beefy brothy bliss!

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Tongues for Tasty Thai!

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Our Makan Kaki Chef Shen Tan of Ownself Make Chef was talking about a dish from her Rice to the Occasion menu that she “stole” from the Thais – they toast up glutinous rice, grind it to a powder, then add herbs, spices, sugar, salt and other seasonings to create a dry rub. Chef Shen does the same and dry marinates pork neck before confitting it and finally grilling it off for her private diners. And the dish that inspired Chef Shen can be found at a tiny, little, hidden Thai restaurant at Golden Mile Complex, called Dee Tongue Thai. Continue reading “Tongues for Tasty Thai!”


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This week, our Makan Kaki Chef Anthony Yeoh wants to take us for an authentically Thai feast at old favourite, A-Roy Thai. Some may remember it as a stalwart of Thai Cuisine at Funan Mall, but it closed when said mall closed for refurbishment. But good news! It’s been back for a while and without a whole lot of fanfare, but regulars and foodie fans have been returning for that familiar taste of Thailand they’ve been craving. Now located at Novena, Chef Tony says this new space is much nicer, brighter and the  food is just as good.

When he goes with family or friends, an absolute favourite dish they MUST order is Yum Tha Krai, their Signature Lemongrass Salad. Continue reading “REVISITING A-ROY”

Palace of Thai Chicken!

$13 lunch set


  • Chef Anthony Yeoh of Restaurant Cocotte is back to tell us about Grass Fed Steak, Duck Fat Fries, Big Pots of Mussels and Weekend Brunches at Cocotte: Click here to listen!
  • For Chef Tony’s recommedation of Fried Chicken, click here!

Today, Chef Anthony takes us to his buddy Bjorn Shen’s (of Middle-eastern “Dude Food” restaurant, Artichoke, fame) other restaurant, the awesomely named BIRD BIRD PALACE OF THAI CHICKEN! This is THE place to be for all things chicken, done of course, Thai-style. This joint has a relaxed, fun, mouthwatering “dude” vibe, where ice-cold beers, decadent desserts and sinful snacks are served with a side of attitude. You will not be able to resist the lure of deep-fried chicken, whether it’s for a pre-party meal or a post-night-out drunken supper. They are. however, also open for lunch and their sets go for an impressive $13.

But why stop at a set lunch when you can have more? Here are Chef Tony’s recomendations…

1. Start off with their “Cock Scratchings”, which are essentially deep fried chicken skins – crunchy, salty snacks that go down a treat with icy beers.

2. Gai Tod – Southern Thai Fried Chicken that comes with a shower of crispy garlic and caramalised chilli jam. This is Tony’s favourite – the spice mix, the marinade, the crispy skin and juicy meat make for a sinfully delicious lunch:


3. If you’re not into deep fried, you can also try the equally good Gai Yang – Isaan Province BBQ chicken with a lemongrass marinade, and smoked chilli nam jim:

esan grilled

4. To feel a little more virtuous, try the lovely, fresh Summer Noodle Salad served in a coconut milk dressing. The crispy seafood nuggets balance out all the healthy stuff going on in your plate!

summer salad

5. To finish off your meal, why not have the ridiculous, mind-blowing Bird Bird Sundae? It’s a crazy concoction of coconut ice cream, palm sugar caramel, sweet corn and FRIED CHICKEN SKINS!!!
chicken skin sundae

Be sure to go with friends, because the food here is served in big platters, perfect for lip-smacking, finger-licking sharing!

18 Ann Siang Road, #01-01, Singapore 069698


Tuesday – Saturday 11.30am – 2.30pm

Tuesday – Thursday 6.30 – 10pm
Friday & Saturday 6.30 – 11pm


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This week, World Gourmet Summit’s Peter Knipp recommends another favourite of his in Singapore – a quaint, traditional Colonial building in Labrador Park that houses one of the best Asian restaurants he ever eaten at. Tamarind Hill is helmed by Thai Chef Wanthana Nikonsaen, otherwise known as the gracious, humble Pin, whose immense culinary skills come not by professional training, but over her many years of cooking experience. If it’s Thai-Burmese-Indochinese cuisine you’re looking for, Tamarind Hill will definitely not disappoint.

10711066_756952601018007_170624826724974646_nPeter is enamored of Chef Pin’s amazing chilli dipping sauce, served with beef and rice. It’s perfectly balanced with the right amounts of tamarind, spices and acidity, which means when you dip the beef into that sauce, the whole flavour spectrum in your mouth goes into rampage! This is seriously good cooking. After patronising this restaurant countless times, Peter doesn’t even look at the menu anymore. He just asks Chef Pin that’s fresh that day and lets her surprise him.

11807313_896260327087233_1508159544303658965_o10957446_808170215896245_1873761232339186734_oWith Singapore now boasting a Barramundi Farm, Chef Pin has been experimenting with fresh seafood and he recommends ordering her take on Barramundi, whether it’s steamed or pan-roasted, the fish is just stunning. But she insists her best food is always cooked in a wok on a charcoal fire and while it’s not always possible to do that in the restaurant setting, she does sometimes employ this traditional technique to flavour her dishes with that authentic “wok hei”, or as Peter describes it, “heaven in disguise”.

10845869_807335669313033_3287393960779015118_o11218938_890620904317842_7529499147542759951_nTamarind Hill is the perfect setting for a quiet al fresco meal, surrounded by lush tropical jungle and gorgeous sea views. Peter likes to dine outside on the terrace facing the sea in the early evening, although those with a heat phobia can retreat into the cool, air-conditioned interior of the restaurant. Again, Peter describes the experience as “heaven” – the service is phenomenal, the beautifully preserved house is traditional with a touch of Colonial, the view is lovely and the food, second to none.

Tamarind Hill
30 Labrador Villa Road
Labrador Nature Reserve
Tel: 6278 6364
Open Daily: 12-3pm, 6-11pm

A-roy-mantic Thai!

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Feast your Eyes on the food of the Thais!

In anticipation of Valentines’ Day this Sunday, our foodie friend, Awfully Chocolate & Sinpopo Brand’s Lyn Lee wants to share her favourite place for cosy meal for two. You’d think she’d be recommending something sweet and chocolatey, but ever the surprising Makan Kaki, she urges us to look for romance in the unlikeliest of places – FUNAN THE DIGILIFE MALL!

Enter for Tasty Thai!

Lyn and her husband are crazy about Thai food and in fact, this was one of the first places they dined at when they were dating! It has since moved from the East Coast to Funan, and sadly, said Mall will be closing for a major revamp in April – that’s why time is of the essence – hurry down to A-roy Thai for a really authentic, true-blue, tasty Thai meal. And while the fate of the restaurant is unconfirmed after April, watch this space – we’ll keep you updated! Now, Lyn & her husband’s love affair with Thai cuisine continued from their first date to their honeymoon in Bangkok where they took up a cooking course and discovered that the flavours they craved from Thailand are lovingly recreated at A-roy Thai. The owner-chefs are Thai and truly, there are so many great dishes on their menu, but some of Lyn’s favourites include the deep-fried prawn cakes, stuffed chicken wings, even the pre-meal snack of crackers and chilli dip, which is so delicious, Lyn orders seconds even before the meal arrives!

Prawn Cakes in the centre, Pad kra-prao moo sap kai daao (Mince pork stir-fried with holy basil) in the foreground
Clockwise L-R: Green Mango Salad, Fried Omelette and rich & creamy Green Chicken Curry

Also a must are their red & green curries, which are not watery but full-bodied, rich and creamy, the steamed seabass with lime juice, lemongrass, chilli and masses of garlic…

Steamed Seabass with lime juice, lemongrass and garlic

…and the fantastic Tom Yum soup that is as it is served in Thailand – clear, with sparing ingredients, yet a satisfying kick.

Signature classic clear Tom Yum Soup

And to finish your Thai feast, you have to try their sticky rice. To Lyn, they do some of the best in Singapore. Be sure to order the mango AND the durian Sticky rice desserst. The rice has such a gorgeous texture, and somehow they manage to keep the rice grains separate and smooth, yet moist and savoury-sweet, with a pleasing bite.

Mango Sticky Rice

This Valentines’ Day, make your own memories at this surprising dining destination and like Lyn, fall in love with all the Thai classics done so well and add some spice to your relationship!

109 North Bridge Road
Funan Digitalife Mall
Open Daily
Tue – Sun: 11.30am – 3pm (Lunch), 6-10pm (Dinner)
Closed Mondays
Tel: +65 63383880