Kopi & Kueh – Old Meets New in Everton

After all the feasting and over-indulging during the holiday season, how ’bout something simple, comforting and local (but with a little twist)? This week, Makan Kaki, Fabulous Baker Boy Juwanda Hassim recommends checking out the charming and surprising HDB Housing Estate at Everton Park, which in recent times, has seen the springing up of little hipster cafes and bakeries. However, the estate still has a good mix of old and new that come together nicely, just like Kopi & Kueh!

Case in point, one of the first “new” coffee joints to open in Everton Park has got to be Nylon Coffee Roasters, who by now have made a real name for themselves as excellent purveyors of smooth, aromatic brews. To Juwanda, Nylon produce and supply the best coffees. In fact, this was a discovery by the barista from Juwanda’s cafe, The Fabulous Baker Boy, so it’s not just a hipster cafe, but truly a coffee lover’s coffee place. Nylon’s brews are not too bitter or over-roasted, come in great blends, are not chemically-treated, are roasted on-site and carefully sourced. Juwanda’s usual practice is to order 4 coffees at once – a long black, a couple of lattes and an espresso to finish things off. He swears that you don’t get the expected caffeine shakes from Nylon’s coffee!

And then just across the road in the facing block, you’ll find a famous institution that specialises in Ang Ku Kueh, the traditional turtle-shaped, stuffed Chinese confection. At Ji Xiang Confectionary, you’ll see aunties hard at work, hand-rolling and shaping the kueh in the traditional wooden molds and filling them with different delicious ingredients. The most popular clearly are the less traditional fillings of sweet corn, yam and coconut, seeing as these were sold out when we visited!

Sadly, Denise didn’t get to try Juwanda’s ultimate recommendation, which is coconut Ang Ku Kueh, a heavenly combination of sugar and shredded coconut encased in a skin that is not sticky, just smooth and pleasingly soft, yet chewy.

Shiny-smooth turtle pastries all in a row!

However, his second favourite was available and it was wolfed down in mere seconds – that’s how good the peanut Ang Ku Kueh is – finely crushed peanuts provide a great crunchy texture and a fragrant savoury-sweet flavour.

Peanut Ang Ku Kueh

The more traditional sweet mung bean and salty mung bean fillings were delicious too, very finely textured, without that thick, chalky texture that gums up your mouth and blocks your throat some other Ang Ku Kuehs are prone to have.


Maybe you can do what Juwanda does – get a variety box of Ang Ku Kueh from Block 1, then hop across to Nylon at Block 4 to enjoy coffee with your kueh – It’s the perfect meeting of old & new! 🙂


Nylon Coffee Roasters
4 Everton Park
Weekdays: 8.30am – 5.30pm
Weekends: 9am – 6pm
Closed on Tuesdays
(+65) 62202330

Ji Xiang Confectionary (Ang Ku Kueh)
1 Everton Park
Mon – Sat: 8 am – 5pm
Closed on Sunday & Public holidays
(+65) 62231631