Elevated Modern BBQ

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This week, join our Makan Kaki Executive Chef Jordi Noguera of Pim Pam by FOC for some exceptional barbeque! When chefs agree that this is THE PLACE for amazing wood-fire grilled food in Singapore, it says a lot about the quality of the produce, the taste of the food and the whole dining experience. This is the FOURTH TIME Burnt Ends has been mentioned as a must-try restaurant, so really it needs no introduction, except to say that now in his 4th year helming this casual, yet elevated modern BBQ restaurant, Australian Chef Dave Pynt is still turning out excellent food that shouldn’t be missed.

When we talk about BBQ, it’s hard to not talk about tasty charred meats, but today, Chef Jodi suggests you look beyond the usual (though absolutely delicious) meats and focus on the fresh vegetables being prepped and grilled up. At Burnt Ends, they have a very special skill at elevating the humble fennel or leek to something sublime, yet simple and honest. The grill master coaxes such beautiful, complex flavours out from the vegetables!

In particular, Chef Jordi wants to highlight the leek, blackened on the grill before being stripped down to its tender insides and blanketed with a buttery, citrusy sauce and hazelnuts. This is just one example of good grill skills and good, honest flavour from the freshest, best quality produce. No wonder, then, that Burnt Ends was voted 14th in the Asia’s 50 Best 2016 and 30th in 2015.

Other dishes you might want to try include the Burnt Ends Sanger with Pulled Pork Shoulder, Spicy Chipotle Aioli, Jalapenos and coleslaw in a brioche bun or the Roasted Robbin’s Island Rump on Dripping Toast with Mustard and Tartare Salad.While walk-ins are welcome, reservations are usually a must at this intimate restaurant, where you sit at  the countertop table directly looking into the open kitchen, where choice cuts, fresh seafood and veggies are grilled over wood embers or cooked in the 800 degree celsius wood-fired ovens. Yes, even dessert, like this Oven Roasted Pineapple with Rum and Pistachio.

So for a truly unique barbeque experience, you’ve gotta eat at Burnt Ends! Need more convincing? Check out what our other Makan Kakis have to say:

20 Teck Lim Road Singapore 088391
Opening Hours: Lunch Wednesday – Saturday 11:45am – 2pm; Dinner Tuesday – Saturday 6:00pm – Late
Closed Sunday and Mondays
Reservations: +65 6224 3933

photo credits: instagram @burntends_sg  & facebook @burntendsSG
video credit: The World’s 50 Best Restaurants on YouTube