Indulgent Weekend Brunch with a View

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Are you in the mood for a lazy, massive meal this weekend? That can only mean one thing…


And our Makan Kaki, FatFuku’s Annette Tan, has just the place for you. She often gets asked where’s a good place for brunch and while there are loads of places to choose from in Singapore, this is one of the most impressive she’s had recently. It can be found at the top of the Swissôtel Stamford, in their beautiful, contemporary grill restaurant SKAI, which boasts magnificent views of the Singapore skyline and really good, instagram-worthy lighting  from their floor-to-ceiling windows.

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Patriotic Peranakan!



Happy National Day, Makan Kakis! In celebration of Singapore’s 53rd birthday, our foodie friend Chef, Author and Entrepreneur Shermay Lee is back with a tempting collaboration with the Conrad Singapore, featuring three of her specially created Peranakan dishes for their Buffet spread at Oscar’s. She is already well-known for her classic Peranakan cooking, based on her Grandmother’s hand-written heirloom recipes, but this time she has teamed up with Chef Alex Siah of Conrad Singapore to update and innovate their families’ culinary heritage. The result is Muar-style Otak-Otak (enriched with a passion fruit mayo and black tobiko) inspired by Chef Alex Siah’s Grandmother’s recipe and these three signature Peranakan dishes by Chef Shermay, prepared ala minute at Oscar’s live cooking stations to ensure freshness and quality:
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Brilliant Brunch & Bakes, New York Style!

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photo via clinton street baking co’s FB.

The weekend is almost here and if you’re looking for a relaxed, family-friendly place for a leisurely breakfast or brunch, you can count on our Makan Kaki, Jeremmy Chiam, Chef-Owner of Le Binchotan for a good recommendation. One of his favourites is a place that has been on the scene for three years now, consistently serving up their famous brunch signatures like chicken and waffles, as well as blueberry pancakes. But when Chef Jeremmy heads over (and he does this very often) to Clinton Street Baking Company & Restaurant, he always orders something a little special to remind him of the days when he traveled often as cabin crew for an airline company. Clinton Street takes him back to his times spent blissfully alone in LA & New York, where he loved going for brunch and taking his own sweet time over his all-American meal. Indeed, the restaurant here on Purvis Street is a branch of the acclaimed original New York brunch eatery, located on the Lower East Side.

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Beautiful Brunches Begin at Fynn’s

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Hello Makan Kakis, as the weekend rolls round, time to start planning a laid back, luscious brunch in a beautiful setting! Here’s a casual modern Australian cafe that serves up excellent weekend brunches and is one of the favourites of our foodie friend, Fatfuku’s Annette Tan. This restaurant at Beach Road is, simply put, beautiful. Located along a nice little posh alley at South Beach, Fynn’s is run by talented local chef An, whose food Annette believes deserves lots of praise.

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Crackin’ Good Brunch!

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This week, it’s our foodie friend, Chef Anthony Yeoh‘s turn to recommend some yummy eats and as the weekend approaches, brace yourselves for BRUNCH! If you’re looking for something yum in the city/ CBD area, do check out this multi-concept restaurant/ bar on the corner of Tanjong Pagar Road & Tras Street, Crackerjack. There you’ll find a coffee counter brewing till late afternoon, a beautiful cocktail bar that opens later in the evening and then there’s the restaurant that serves delicious new-American food. Chef Tony recently tried their weekend brunch and recommends these stand-out dishes:
The super-comforting Bone Broth, featuring egg stracciatella (like an egg drop they stir in), kale & barley. But truly, the star is broth, which is really flavourful, made in-house and so restorative, especially if you’re at brunch nursing the effects of the night before!

Another great hangover antidote is their Funnel Cake. Why? Well, this is typical American carnival food – batter funneled into hot oil and deep fried to light, doughy, crispy perfection. And we all know fat means flavour and a good way to soak up the sins of the night before! But make no mistake, these are next level funnel cakes – adult funnel cakes smothered with (hair of the dog!) a boozy whipped cream made from Amaretto (almond liqueur), along with candied bacon and bananas. This is a delicious, high-brow / low-brow play on an American classic.

The play doesn’t stop at Funnel Cakes – try Crackerjacks’s play on corned beef hash, their Sweet Potato Hash! This hearty plate featured house-made breakfast sausage crumbled on sweet potato, along with sauteed capsicum, kale, caramelised onions and an egg. Stick-to-your-ribs good!

Finally, Chef Tony recommends the QFC – Quinoa Fried Chicken. It’s a boneless chicken thigh encrusted with quinoa, which is a super food, a grain that’s high in antioxidants and protein. So could this possibly be healthy in an, er, deep-fried way? Haha. Jicama (Bangkwang, which we use in Popiah) slaw and homemade spicy banana ketchup complete the crunchy chicken dish. With this weird & wonderful banana ketchup, you get a distinct caramelised banana flavour, and a pleasing sauce that’s tangy and spicy at the same time.

43 Tanjong Pagar Rd, Singapore 088464
Open Daily: 9am – 12 midnight (mon – fri), 10am – 12 midnight (sat) & 10am – 4pm (sun)
Tel: +65 81211462