Very Nice Gravy Rice!

As a Southeast Asian staple, there are few things as comforting and versatile as rice. From biryani to economical “point-point” rice and nasi padang, as well as nasi goreng or yangzhou chao fan, I thought I was familiar with them all, until my Gold 905 Makan Kaki, batik fashion designer Oniatta Effendi, told me about two rice dishes I’d never heard of before.

Nasi Jenganan

The avid home cook and self-confessed rice-mad “nasi girl” said when she wanted something a little more extraordinary, she indulges in her favourite nasi jenganan and nasi rawon. Nasi what? A casual poll among friends and colleagues confirmed that these Javanese dishes are, indeed, little-known. Feeling slightly vindicated for my ignorance, I hurried over to Bedok Corner for a little rice re-education.

Nasi Rawon

Denise with 3rd & 4th generation stall owners, Madam Aini & her daughter Naseehah.

TASTE: Nasi Jenganan is only available on Sundays, Nasi Rawon available daily.
Stall 9, Bedok Corner Food Centre (opp. Bedok Army Camp)
1 Bedok Rd, S(469572)
Open: Tues – Sunday 7am – 10pm (Closed Mondays)
Tel: +65 97110116

Best Beef Mui Fun at a Seafood Restaurant?!

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As a Katong boy born & bred, our new Makan Kaki Kelly Koh‘s food heritage is seriously legit. He also runs The Rockin’ Diner by The Mustard Incident along Club Street, and this week, he reveals one of his favourite supper places in Katong. He finds himself here at least once a week, heading over on busy days after closing up his own diner for a quick and tasty supper. Yes, it’s a seafood restaurant, but in Kelly’s opinion, it just so happens to also serve the best beef Mui-fun!

Best Beef Mui Fun!
Gone in 300 seconds!

Mellvin Seafood Restaurant has been operating out of a little corner coffee shop for years, but the quality remains the same & the consistency is amazing – in their beef mui-fun you get very soft, tender beef and a nice, thick gravy, the way it’s meant to be. Mui fun is a very simple dish, but so tasty when done right and these guys do it so well. Everything is stir-fried in a wok for that smoky fragrance – beef, veggies, gravy. Then, this gloriously unctuous concoction is thrown over rice. Kelly always orders an extra fried egg with his beef mui fun. You can see the result above – a gooey-soft yolk just waiting to be prodded into a slow lava eruption over the rice, just for that added richness. No wonder the mui-fun doesn’t stick around for long after it’s been served!

Mellvin Seafood Restaurant
354 Joo Chiat Rd Singapore 427600
Open Daily: 4.30pm – 2.30 am

Sumo Brothers Duck Rice?

Seah Kee Geylang

As many Singaporeans mourn the imminent closure of the South Buona Vista Duck Rice stall, your Makan Kakis ponder where else can we still get our duck rice fix…

Here it is Gluttons! This is the Boneless Duck Rice sold by the 3 Sumo brothers (as Seetoh affectionately calls them). Carrying on their fathers’ 60-year legacy of simple, yet delicious duck rice or porridge, their duck is cooked in a simmering pot of rich gravy, sliced and served atop a bed of boiled Shandong peanuts and bean sprouts. Seetoh reckons this is even better than the South Buona Vista stall’s. Try and tell us what you think!

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Sia Kee Boneless Duck Rice
Sin Huat Eating House
Coffeeshop at the corner of Geylang Road and Lorong 35
Not open for dinner