Made-to-Order Fish & Chips

You know him as your NiteFlite pilot on Gold 905, but this week, he sets aside the flying for some swimming! So take a dip into the freshest seafood with Mr X at Greenwood Fish Market & Bistro, or in his words, his “Neighbourhood Chippy”.

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Living just down the road from this Fishmonger/ Seafood Import/ Export establishment has its perks, especially when the craving for good old traditional British Fish & Chips hits and you want it as fresh as possible. As its name suggests, the “fish market” side provides you with the catch of the day – stroll in, pick your species, from a whole variety of fresh fish, oysters, crabs & even live lobsters in a tank. They’ll help you with your selection, clean and prep your choice for taking home.

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Ole Ole Ole, Ola Ola!

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Hey Foodie Friends! Looking for some really sublime seafood done Spanish-Latin-American-style? This is THE place chefs love to go and you should too! This week, ur Makan Kaki Chef Bjorn Shen of Artichoke Restaurant recommends OLA Cocina Del Mar, a wonderful contemporary, open kitchen restaurant and bar that serves only the freshest and sustainably sourced seasonal produce. Helmed by Peruvian chef-owner Daniel Chavez, OLA has been making waves since it opened back in 2013.

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Fish for the Easter Weekend?

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This long Easter weekend, treat yourself to & the family to a super-fresh, seafood & smoked meat experience! Our Makan Kaki Violet Oon returns this week to share another family story (something that’s very close to her heart, since the success of her current 3 restaurants is also a family affair, with her children Su-Lyn and Yiming hard work and support). David Lee is someone she’s known for years and he has a strong background in F & B. In the late ’90s, he started a seafood business from scratch, at Riverwalk called Blue Lobster. While that business is no longer in operation, his son Alan followed in his footsteps and started Greenwood Fish Market & Bistro in the leafy Bukit Timah suburb of Greenwood Avenue back in the early 2000s. Both father and son enjoy fishing and Violet reckons it’s that passion for fresh fish and seafood – where it comes from, how it’s raised or caught – that makes for a successful business. Father and son still fish together on occasion, when they aren’t running the successful fish shop & restaurant. Actually, that first Greenwood outlet has since grown and now you’ll find a second fish market and bistro on the waterfront of Sentosa Cove, at Quayside Isle.

Over 200 types, from exotic cold water fish and other seasonal seafood, are brought in fresh every week, from Oceans across the globe, including Australia, Canada, New Zealand, USA, Holland and France. They are able to tell you which is pure, fresh and from which oceans they are sourced, so you are guaranteed top quality seafood, either to buy home to cook, or prepared and ready to takeaway and eat, or to choose and have cooked then and there for dining at their restaurant. Violet recommends any of the cold seafood platters, served on ice in double tiers, very much like dining on the French Riviera! There’s the Cold Platter, featuring an array of fresh seafood served chilled – steamed Boston Lobster, Yellowfin Tuna Tataki, fresh shucked oysters, New Zealand Green lip Mussels & Littleneck Clams, cooked prawns, plus their in-house smoked salmon (more on the smoked dishes a little later). You could also try the excellent Shell Fish Combo Platter, featuring cooked king crab, prawns, mussels, clams, cold-smoked salmon & whole Maine lobsters. If you prefer things Japanese-style, there’s also the Sashimi Platter – a sliced and ready-to-eat mix of the freshest cut salmon, yellowfin tuna, swordfish belly, king fish and snapper.

10750122_758706214177577_1293681362147208684_oAs for the smoked dishes, everything from seafood to meats are smoked in-house, using traditional methods, Apple Wood logs and the freshest produce, which is delivered weekly. Choose from hot-smoked or cold-smoked Mackerel, Ocean Trout, Mussels or Salmon. Violet loves the cold-smoked salmon that is smoked beautifully without nitrates or preservatives. She believes it’s important that consumers enjoy a product that is healthier and also low in salt, yet fresh and tasty. There’s even smoked mature Cheddar cheese, bacon, spicy sausage, pork cheek and pork belly. What Violet loves is that just like the seafood, the air-flown Australian Pork products are also smoked nitrate-free.

Ultimately, Violet appreciates Greenwood Fish’s attention to quality, delicious artisanal food and the story of the family behind the business. Certainly, those are great reasons to pay them a visit this weekend, whether it’s to buy some fresh seafood or for a hearty meal with the family. And now with 2 different locations, you have more choice too!

Greenwood Fish Market & Bistro
34 & 38 Greenwood Ave S289236
Tel: 6467 4950

Sentosa Cove – Quayside Isle Outlet*
31 Ocean Way #01-04/05 S(098375)
Tel: 6262 0450
*Quayside Isle outlet closed on Mondays.

all pictures via Greenwood Fish Market & Bistro’s FB.

Balestier’s Best #5: Heavenly Har Cheong Gai & Fish Head Bee Hoon

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881-xo-1Here’s the final installment in our Makan Kaki Shermay Lee‘s guide to the best eats in Balestier and she’s saved the best for last, with a no-frills zi char place that boasts some of the best Har Cheong Gai (Prawn Paste Fried Chicken) she’s tasted. Located in a corner shophouse next to Balestier Plaza along Balestier Road, 881 (XO) Fish Head Bee Hoon is a standalone restaurant that does both its signature Fish Head Bee Hoon & Crab Bee Hoon (dry & soup versions) really well. Shermay recommends you go with friends so you can order more dishes. But yes, the Fish Head Bee Hoon is a must.


Next, definitely go for the above-mentioned Har Cheong Gai, which really is phenomenal when eaten freshly-fried and piping-hot at the table! Their style is to serve only the winglets, but that’s nothing to scoff at, especially since they are the perfect combination: tender and moist on the inside, once you crunch through the crispy, golden-fried outside. A squeeze of lime and a dip of chilli really enhances the distinctive, savoury, prawn paste flavour of these well-seasoned wings – super-yummy!881-xo-2

Another favourite of Shermay’s is the Cereal Prawns – big, juicy and fried so crispy you can eat them whole – shells, heads, tails and all! The milky-salty-sweet crispy cereal coating is extra fragrant with curry leaves and can be eaten like a snack on its own!881-xo-3

Finally, you’ve got to order the deep-fried fish skins. Salted egg yolk seems to be the trend on everything these days, but 881 Have been doing this for ages – it’s not a trend, it’s undeniably tasty! These crispy fish skins come to the table hot off the wok, having been stir-fried in a rich salted egg yolk and crispy egg white sauce, perfumed with red chillies and more curry leaves. You won’t be able to stop at one. In fact, you’ll probably want a whole portion to yourself!881-xo-4

As Shermay highly recommends, eat in a group for more tasty variety! These dishes, all small portions, fed 4 people for only $49.70. Delicious food, value-for-money, what’s not to love?


412 Balestier Road
Singapore 329805
Open Daily: 11am – 11pm
Tel: +65 62545768

Freshest Seafood, Southern Italian Style

via Gattopardo


FullSizeRender (2)

Today, a new foodie friend joins us and he’s the guy behind the World Gourmet Summit, Mr Peter Knipp! More than 3 decades ago, he came to Singapore to work as a professional Chef at a hotel before breaking out to start his own Food & Beverage Consultancy and 20 years ago, World Gourmet Summit was born! As a man whose carer has been built around and through food and drink, you can trust Peter to have some great makan places to share.

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via Gattopardo

This week, Peter recommends a wonderful Italian restaurant whose chef hails from Sicily and is dedicated to presenting diners with the freshest, tastiest seafood prepared according to his Southern Italian roots. Chef Lino Sauro’s contemporary Italian and Mediterranean cuisine at Gattopardo Ristorante di Mare on Tras Street will certainly excite your palate, because whilst he remains true-blue to his Sicilian roots, he gives his food a little Asian touch after spending so many years here in Singapore.

via Gattopardo

When Peter dines at Gattopardo, he forgoes ordering from the menu and leaves it up to Chef Lino to surprise him with between 5 to 7 courses of sublime small plates. From his sea urchin to hamachi to raw marinated langoustin, his focus is on giving diners a gastronomic journey of the palate through the freshest seafood. Let the Maitre D’ help you pair your meal with the right Prosecco or wines and you’ll have a beautiful experience at Gattopardo! This is one Italian restaurant that stands out from the many others in Singapore and Peter cannot recommend it enough.

via Gattopardo

Gattopardo Ristorante di Mare
34/36 Tras Street
Singapore 079026


Monday to Friday
Lunch: 12pm – 2.30pm; Dinner: 6.30pm – 10.30pm
Lunch: Closed; Dinner: 6.30pm – 10.30pm

Tel: (65) 6338 5498 / (65) 9325 8843

Sea-food, Feel-Joy

Singapore may be called a “Seafood Paradise”, and Singaporeans certainly have an appetite for it, but in truth, there are few seafood restaurants that really stand out. This week’s Makan Kaki, Don Mendoza, likes a place that offers up familiar flavours but with a twist. In his opinion, a good dish needs to have a balance of both – a little bit of innovation and more importantly, nostalgia that gives you a taste you recognize and puts you in a state of comfort. With these criteria in mind, Don recommends an old-school, Singaporean-Chinese-style seafood restaurant that has undergone a little renovation and name-change. Formerly known as West Coast Seafood, it’s now called Joyden Seafood. As far as good value and really honest flavours go, these are the 2 dishes Don recommends:

joyden creamy crab
1. Signature Creamy Crab
This dish looks really decadent, almost as if it’s been bathed & slathered in a fatty salted-egg concoction, but actually, the sauce is made from pumpkin puree, which is surprisingly light and tasty, yet rich enough to satisfy any Singaporean palate. The pumpkin puree is enhanced with a little milk, lots of curry leaves and chilli padi for kick. The crab is sold at market price, generally about $5.80/100g.

joyden oyster sauce chicken
2. Oyster Sauce Chicken
Sounds really simple and commonplace, right? But we assure you, this dish is really quite wonderful. At $28 for a whole chicken (a small family can share), this dish gives you real value-for-money. The bird is stuffed with chives and garlic, then roasted till its skin is crisp and burnished, before being braised in superior oyster sauce for about THREE hours, until the meat is super-tender and falling off the bone.

Of course, Joyden Seafood serves up all the other typical seafood favourites like chilli crab, but just the Creamy Crab & Oyster Sauce Chicken alone are worth that long trip out to the West Coast, for a truly delicious experience!


West Coast Recreation Centre
12 West Coast Walk
Tel: 67795355
Open Daily: 11.30am – 2.30pm, 6 – 10.30pm

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Masterful Crab

George Young & Denise
George Young & Denise

This week, we have a special guest Makan Kaki who really needs no introduction, but what the hey, say hello to George Young – Lipton spokesperson and actor in HBOAsia’s forthcoming original miniseries Grace!

This self-confessed tea-lover has been getting lessons from mixologist Joel Fraser of The Cufflink Club – all the better to mix up delicious tea-based Cocktails & Mocktails, recipes of which you can find here!

As we waxed lyrical about our mutual love for Earl Grey tea and George’s not-so-secret love for boybands (Backstreet Boys, anyone?), we also discussed some of our favourite places to enjoy seafood.

For George, this place really impressed him on a recent visit. Now, with a name like Master Crab, you’d better be able to put your money where your mouth is. Or in this case, put your crabs where our mouths are! Thankfully, Master Crab is not a misnomer or an exaggeration.

In particular, their salted egg crab is a joy and delight to eat. Most salted-egg crab dishes come with a dry coating, but at Master Crab, theirs is a thick, rich, viscous, eggy sauce, made extra fragrant with a liberal sprinkling of curry leaves.

Salted Egg Crab_Master Crab
Saucy Salted Egg Crab!

George recommends you go with friends, order two crabs to share and be sure to add an order of cereal prawns. Why? Because it’s the crispy, deep-fried cereal bits you’ll want to heap into the salted-egg crab sauce for a magical, decadent combination of taste and texture!

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Block 19 Ghim Moh Road
Open Daily: 5 – 10.30pm
Phone:6314 1868