Palace of Thai Chicken!

$13 lunch set


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Today, Chef Anthony takes us to his buddy Bjorn Shen’s (of Middle-eastern “Dude Food” restaurant, Artichoke, fame) other restaurant, the awesomely named BIRD BIRD PALACE OF THAI CHICKEN! This is THE place to be for all things chicken, done of course, Thai-style. This joint has a relaxed, fun, mouthwatering “dude” vibe, where ice-cold beers, decadent desserts and sinful snacks are served with a side of attitude. You will not be able to resist the lure of deep-fried chicken, whether it’s for a pre-party meal or a post-night-out drunken supper. They are. however, also open for lunch and their sets go for an impressive $13.

But why stop at a set lunch when you can have more? Here are Chef Tony’s recomendations…

1. Start off with their “Cock Scratchings”, which are essentially deep fried chicken skins – crunchy, salty snacks that go down a treat with icy beers.

2. Gai Tod – Southern Thai Fried Chicken that comes with a shower of crispy garlic and caramalised chilli jam. This is Tony’s favourite – the spice mix, the marinade, the crispy skin and juicy meat make for a sinfully delicious lunch:


3. If you’re not into deep fried, you can also try the equally good Gai Yang – Isaan Province BBQ chicken with a lemongrass marinade, and smoked chilli nam jim:

esan grilled

4. To feel a little more virtuous, try the lovely, fresh Summer Noodle Salad served in a coconut milk dressing. The crispy seafood nuggets balance out all the healthy stuff going on in your plate!

summer salad

5. To finish off your meal, why not have the ridiculous, mind-blowing Bird Bird Sundae? It’s a crazy concoction of coconut ice cream, palm sugar caramel, sweet corn and FRIED CHICKEN SKINS!!!
chicken skin sundae

Be sure to go with friends, because the food here is served in big platters, perfect for lip-smacking, finger-licking sharing!

18 Ann Siang Road, #01-01, Singapore 069698


Tuesday – Saturday 11.30am – 2.30pm

Tuesday – Thursday 6.30 – 10pm
Friday & Saturday 6.30 – 11pm