Anthony Yeoh

Tony YeohInspired by his grandmother who was trained at Le Cordon Bleu Institute in Paris, Anthony enrolled at the At-Sunrice Culinary Academy. Thereafter, he started Private Chefs outfit, The Funky Chefs before assuming the position of Head Chef at Cocotte, a Rustic, French Communal-Dining restaurant in the jewel of Little India, Wanderlust Hotel.
Since then, Anthony has taken on a new challenge as Group executive Chef of Modern Middle-Eastern restaurant Artichoke & Bird Bird, an old-school comfort food restaurant that serves up fried chicken and more.
With his knowledge and passion for gastronomical delights, Anthony says,“There’s something important about the ritual of coming together for a meal in any culture. And while often taken for granted, the heart & joy of those experiences and memories is in the sharing and serving of food to your parents, family or friends gathered at the dining table.”

Get to know Anthony – Listen to him chat with Denise for the first time on Gold 905 here!




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