Jordi Noguera

chef jordiOriginally from Prats de Lluçanes in Barcelona (Spain), Chef Jordi comes from a traditional family with a culinary history of more than 60 years.

His culinary philosophy is influenced by Spanish master chef’s such as the Michelin starred Juan Mari Arzak  (3*), Carles Gaig (*), Nandu Jubany (*) , some short stages in Paris in traditional” brasseries” and the roots of his own family. He was an apprentice there for more than 6 years overall, and later he moved to his family restaurant, running it for more than 11 years, before moving on to become a culinary instructor in Barcelona.

He soon started writing for fun for a culinary website, sharing his culinary experiences with the readers. This is also where he met the acclaimed foie gras French expert Andre Bonnaure and learnt extensive knowledge about this exquisite ingredient.

Thanks to world famous brand of charcoal ovens Josper, Chef Jordi relocated to Singapore to take up Foodbar Dada as a head Chef in 2012. He used this knowledge to create unconventional and distinctive Spanish tapas. After Dada’s adventure, he started this new FOC adventure at Hongkong street to spread his passion for cooking to all of you.

The passion in cooking runs deep in Chef Jordi and he is keen to share his culinary passion and experiences with everybody.

Get to know Chef Jordi HERE, as he chats to Denise for the first time on Gold 905!