Tim Ross-Watson

pyxiemoss-chef-tim-ross-watsonPYXIEMOSS | Owner & Executive Chef Tim’s love affair with food began at the tender age of five. His competitive streak; a bid to be the better “helper” than his older sister, led him to venture into the kitchen where he picked up cooking from his mother, and was by the age of eight, cooking meals for the family.

After leaving his hometown Surrey for London at 17 years old, Tim kicked off his culinary career at London’s 5-Star Goring Hotel, and later, Restaurant Gordon Ramsay and Embassy by renowned Michelin-starred Chef Garry Hollihead. He amassed a wealth of experience at several other notable establishments before heading for Singapore, which is not unfamiliar to him as he had visited several times while on holiday with his family in Asia.

Since arriving on the little red dot in 2007, Tim has helmed Wine Garage (2010) as Executive Chef and opened his first restaurant Garden of Eden (2011-2012). More recently, he managed a food consultancy company; Apple Pie Order (2013-2016), where he has had the opportunity to showcase his imaginative culinary prowess at numerous exclusive private events including Nordic Lights by DQ Vodka held at sub-zero temperatures in the Tuck Lee Ice Factory, Glenfiddich’s Valley of the Deer Experience in Kuala Lumpur; and a whimsical Hendrick’s Mad Hatter Tea Party during Singapore Cocktail Week.

Boldly embarking onto his second restaurant venture PYXIEMOSS, the 32-year old Briton aims to pique the interest of and surprise guests with his “MacGyver”-style approach to modern European food; fearlessly experimenting and conjuring dishes in adventurous ways, usually under the influence of Guns N’ Roses. Tim relishes the challenge of creating dishes using mostly common and sometimes unusual ingredients, with the aid of traditional cooking methods such as the tandoor, as well as state of the art kitchen equipment like a rotary evaporator – curious diners will be rewarded with bewildering yet delightful flavours and textures.

Drawing inspiration from his British roots and love for Asian food, Tim conceptualised a truly unique menu that sees condiments and ingredients such as malt vinegar, L&P sauce, gula melaka or palm sugar and sea coconut primed for the dining table in his slightly unorthodox way.

Tim admits he has always possessed a child-like wonder which serves him well as an innovative chef. Perpetually experimenting, he is fond of playing with ingredients and drawing out their essence or saturating their flavours. This has led to interesting creations such as Celery charcoal which involves dehydrating then roasting celery skin to produce “ash” as well as Pickled pig skin that is first smoked then compressed in a pickled solution.

Outside the kitchen, Tim enjoys “clothes hacking”; jazzing up his kicks and wardrobe with studs or spray paint – a passion that harks back to his stint at the London School of Fashion. He is also a lover of motorcycles, having been riding since the age of 10 and is currently a Harley Davidson Singapore Ambassador.
For more information, please visit www.pyxiemoss.com.