Toh Mu Qin

Authors of Eat. Muse. Love. (L) Makan Kaki Toh Mu Qin (R) Her mother, veteran broadcaster Chua Foo Yong.

In Mu Qin’s own words:

I’ve been crisscrossing the globe since my younger days and tasted countless foods from different continents in the process. I view my photos as return tickets to revisit these fleeting moments that would otherwise be no more. Photography is an interesting skill that I have picked up along the way. I’m currently working for MissTamChiak who is an established food blogger that many would have heard of. My mother Chua Foo Yong aspired to be a writer since her younger days. Little did she know then that she was to enter the world of television and broadcasting and ended up as a household name in the industry too! She is currently the Chairperson of the Council for Third Age (C3A) and enthusiastically promoting active ageing. Well, she’s a living example of active ageing. She has always been strong in the Chinese language and hopes to share our Chinese culture and heritage with the world.

50 yummy places to try in this new food guide!

Featuring 50 eating places in Singapore, our foodie book has been written with a distinctive twist. We have introduced 100 meaningful Chinese set phrases and idioms that inculcate moral values as well as snippets of Chinese culture and local history. The educational Chinese portion has been written by my mother and is translated to English while I handled the portion about the ambience, taste and photography for the eating places. Our book, “Eat, Muse, Love!” is already retailing at $24.90 in all major bookstores such as Kinokuniya, Popular and Times. You can follow me on Instagram for my daily pig-out sessions. In the following months, I’ll be featuring five highlights from our book on air so be sure to tune in!