Willin Low

Willin Low

Lawyer-turned-chef Willin Low is one of Singapore’s most recognisable personalities. In
2009, The New York Times named him as one of three chefs to change the local culinary
scene. The following year, The Financial Times selected Willin as one of Singapore’s best

Willin was first hit with the cooking bug while studying in England. He started cooking for the
dual reasons of disliking the food served in the halls of residence and to console homesick
Singaporean classmates. He enjoyed it so much that even after graduation, he worked as a
lawyer by day and as a chef-for-hire on the side.
Wild Rocket opened at the quiet Mount Emily enclave in 2005. With this first outlet, Willin
coined the term Mod Sin – short for Modern Singaporean – a cuisine that has now
proliferated the local scene and spurred a new generation of chefs. In November 2013, Wild
Rocket closed with the intention of re-opening in a new location. However, after months of
searching, Willin concluded that there wasn’t another location quite like Mount Emily and
decided to stay. Wild Rocket underwent an extensive renovation and opened its doors again
in July 2014.

Together with his core team of dedicated staff as co-owners, Willin went on to open Relish
by Wild Rocket in 2007 – a casual family-style restaurant specialising in good quality
burgers and weekend brunch paired with gourmet beers from around the world. At the
invitation of the National Parks of Singapore, they also opened Wild Oats @ Punggol, a fun
restaurant-bar perched at the edge of a 5-Ha pond, surrounded by lush tropic plants.
The Wallpaper* magazine described Willin’s cuisine as “homespun but defiantly modern and
imaginative cooking”. Willin also regularly collaborates with the Singapore Tourism Board to
promote Singaporean cuisine on a global scale.


Get to know Willin – Listen to Denise chat with him for the first time on Gold 905 – here!


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