Mee Rebus & Soto Ayam with Super Sambal!

Our Makan Kaki, The Fabulous Baker Boy  Fabulous Baker Boy, Juwanda Hassim returns with a recommendation straight from his growing-up years – a stall that sells his father’s favourite mee rebus at Haig Road Food Centre.

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Juwanda’s maternal grandparents were once mee rebus street hawkers, so his family really appreciates quality when they taste it. At Afandi Hawa and Family, their mee rebus is the real stuff, made from a good meaty stock thickened with sweet potatoes.


What makes this mee rebus so irresisitible? Juwanda says it all boils down to the gravy, which is is cooked perfectly, with no flour taste. The combination of rich, meaty stock, tau cheo (fermented bean paste), sweet potatoes and spices makes for a fantastic gravy. How popular is the stall? Just look at those large vats – one full of mee rebus gravy, the other full of broth for mee soto or soto ayam!


Afandi & Family keep their mee rebus simple but supremely tasty with yellow noodles, bean sprouts and a hard boiled egg smothered in the surf and turf gravy that tastes of mutton and shrimp. Smooth, savoury and satisfying, the dish gets a lift from crispy fried shallots, daun sop, crunchy-hot green chillies and a dollop of spicy sambal. 

IMG_5405 2

The latter is made from chilli padi which gives it a punchy heat that is balanced by its gentle sweetness. It’s really good stuff that needs to be eaten with everything, including the soto ayam.  Juwanda also recommended having the mee rebus with an order of satay babat (tender, charcoal grilled tripe) from Al Hadi, a stall two doors away, but sadly it was closed on the day I visited.


The soto ayam is a moreish bowl of lightly spiced chicken broth packed with generous chunks of chicken meat and bean sprouts.Simple, satifying and comforting. Both portions of soto ayam and mee rebus cost an affordable $7 in total. 


Address: Haig Road Market & Food Centre, 14 Haig Rd, #01-21, S(430014)
Open: 10.30am – 8pm (Closed on Wednesdays)

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