Greetings Greedies! This week’s Makan Kakis x CNA Lifestyle collab takes us to Upper Thomson for a hit of addictive crispy, crunchiness.

It’s one of Singapore’s the most popular hawker treats with roots in India, but has since evolved and been embraced in countries across Southeast Asia. It’s a potent combination of carbs, fat, sugar and spice that’s flipped, fried and dipped, with variations that boggle the mind. From plaster to bomb to tissue and beyond, who can resist Roti Prata?

My Makan Kaki Alexis Toh (travel blogger @alexisjetsets and co-author of local food guide Eat. Muse. Love.) recommended I head over to Sin Ming Road for her favourite roti prata. And there in an unassuming coffee shop, I had a rewarding encounter with something I’d never tried before – COIN PRATA. Forgive the pun, but each delectable disc of fried dough is SO MONEY.

What to eat your coin prata set with. Foreground: Mutton Curry. Background: Chicken Curry

Click the links below for more on Sin Ming Roti Prata’s crazy-crispy coin prata:

(L-R) Denise with Mohamed, Faisal & their father Haj Mohamed (Aziz)

TASTE: Sin Ming Roti Prata is located at 24 Sin Ming Road, Jin Fa Kopitiam, #01-51, Singapore 570024. It’s open 6.30am to 6.30pm (closed on alternate Fridays).


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