Mouth-watering, Tongue-numbing Sichuan & Taiwan Delights

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Chef Anthony Yeoh of Summer Hill French Bistro at Sunset Way is back to recommend a place he’s been going to for his late-night supper fix. It’s a restaurant called Formosa Delights and they specialize in Taiwanese & Sichuan Cuisine, which means lots of Mala dishes, so this is a place to try if you like your meals spicy and literally tongue-numbing! They do lots of quick and tasty rice or  hand-made noodle sets and even if your tolerance for spice is low, there are other yummy dishes you can enjoy.

Fans of innards or offal, Chef Tony enjoys their deep-fried Szechuan-style pig’s intestines (chitlins), with lots of dried chillies, garlic, szechuan peppercorns, groundnuts, spring onion & coriander. The intestines arrive via delivery crispy, yet tender (so you can imagine how good they’d be if you were eating in and having them fresh out of the kitchen!) and is so good with a bowl of plain rice. But Chef Tony likes to cook his own plain porridge and pair it with the intestines because the deep-fried delicacy can be a little bit cloying. But plain porridge is a great counterpoint to the powerful innards and together, they make for a good, comforting, but really indulgent meal.

A dish you’ll also definitely want to get is their green onion crepes, which are fluffy, light, flaky & delicious.

Another recommendation is the stir fried pork with black fungus & peppers. Paired with the pancakes or a bowl of rice, you’ve got yourself a simple, yet tasty meal.

Thin stir-fried noodles with mutton and cumin

Chef Tony often goes to Formosa Delights at night after his own restaurant’s service is done, so he’s usually eating by himself and the great thing is, their food keeps really well, so he can put in one order and it will last for 2-3 meals. Now that’s good value for money!

Hand-made knife-cut thick noodles in mala beef broth

Be prepared for a wide array of beers, bar snacks, appetisers, mains, as well as rice & noodle sets that while on the oily side, are packed with very bold, intense flavours. You’ll find Formosa Delights along Clementi Road closer to the Pasir Panjang end, on the same row as the famous Fong Seng Nasi Lemak and cheese prata place. NUS students and faculty should be familiar with the area!

20 Clementi Rd, Singapore 129749
Open Daily: 11am – 1am
Tel: +65 67787398
Delivery also available via Grabfood, Deliveroo or Foodpanda.


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