Dim Sum, Beef Hor Fun & More!

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Our Makan Kaki, Chef Anthony Yeoh of Summer Hill French Bistro is back to share another late night discovery near his restaurant at Sunset Way. Just a short drive in the direction of Beauty World, you’ll find Mong Kok Dim Sum at Cheong Chin Nam Road, the famous stretch of eateries that open late. There, you’ll find decent dim sum and other zichar favourites available till 1.30am.

A branch of the 24-hour Geylang restaurant, Mong Kok Dim Sum opposite Beauty World serves up a mean “Geylang Lorong 9 style” beef hor fun that’s savoury, umami and full of legit smoky wok hei.

The sauce is glossy, not goopy; intensely flavoured with red chillies and fermented black beans; and the flat rice noodles have a delicious char from being tossed in a searingly hot wok. Large slices of tender beef and a few stalks of leafy green bok choy complete the dish, along with tangy pickled green chilli to cut through all the richness.

Chef Tony was also pleasantly surprised by the dim sum, which turned out to be pretty good, especially the fried shrimp dumplings. He imagined they would be a bit limp and soggy 20 minutes after takeaway, but when he opened up the packaging when he got home, they were still hot and had maintained their crispy outer crust.

Inside, the fat dumplings were packed with a generous amount of creamy shrimp filling, made even creamier with the accompanying mayonnaise dip. Needless to say, he was impressed with how well the dim sum had held up to travel. These just might be worth ordering again for pick-up or delivery.

Another good choice would be their chee cheong fun (steamed rice flour rolls), which are made fresh to order, right before your very eyes.

Swipe to see chee cheong fun in the making!

The rice flour rolls are thin enough and slippery-smooth, just holding back your choice of fillings – char siew, prawn or crispy you tiao.

char siew chee cheong fun
prawn chee cheong fun
crispy you tiao chee cheong fun

Then the hot and steamy rolls are served doused in a light savoury-sweet sauce for extra moisture and flavour. For takeaways, they separate the rolls from the sauce to prevent sogginess.

Chef Tony appreciates that Mong Kok Dim Sum has a branch near his restaurant and is open late, so he gets a decent meal after dinner service is done at Summer Hill. So next time you get a case of the late-night munchies, you can’t go wrong with great dim sum, beef hor fun and the rest of the extensive menu at Mong Kok Dim Sum!

8 Cheong Chin Nam Road S(599733)
Open daily: 11am – 1.30am
Tel: +65 8686 8829

Branches also at 214 Geylang Road & 197 East Coast Road.

Available for home delivery – order online via Grab

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