Wok & Roll with this Duck!

hoy yong seafood restaurant's fried duck roll at clementi ave 2 V

This week, we bring you the unique, addictive, delicious creation of a man who is the disciple of one of the 4 Heavenly Chefs of Singapore. These titles were conferred to 4 young talented chefs back in the 1970s by a local Chinese Culinary Institution and such an honour has never been bestowed since.

So back to said disciple, who is a man already in his 60s, manning a cze char restaurant and turning out plate after plate of awesomeness somewhere in Clementi…

He has 3 signature dishes on his menu, but the one to really get excited about is his Tempura Duck Roll. Check it: He debones duck, leaving the fatty skin on, pounds it thin and steams it. He then rolls the steam-tender fillets up with prawn, coriander, mushroom, minced five-spice pork and other tasty morsels, before dipping them in his tempura batter and deep frying them! You have crazy flavour from the fat in the skin, juicy meatiness from the duck and lots more texture from the stuffing, not to mention the CRRRUNCH from the deep-fried batter.

Forget party in your mouth, it’s a month-long fiesta – it’s like Chinese New Year, Christmas, National Day, the wedding of Kate and William all rolled in one, PLUS fireworks!!! This tempura duck roll is a winner and a DIE DIE MUST TRY!

For more on the signature dishes like pig’s stomach soup, click here!


Open Daily 5.30-10.30pm


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